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The Glorious World of Cat Cosplay

The Glorious World of Cat Cosplay

Halloween is only a few weeks away and everyone I know is getting their costumes together, including cats! Owners have been dressing their cats up for years, but some intrepid cosplayers have created true masterpieces of geekery for their beloved pets, just like Sir Didymus (as seen above dressed as the God of Thunder Thor). I’ve scoured the web and chosen a few of my favorite cat cosplays to inspire your next crafting project.These cats may not enjoy their costume as much as their owners do, but they still look amazing.

Warning: Cat puns imminent.

The Vault Dweller


fallout catImage Credit: Cat-Cosplay/tumblr

The vaults of Fallout are notorious for their massive radroach problems. This kitty is well prepared to take down any mutant vermin with his trusty Vault-Tec lunchbox and itty-bitty Pip-boy. This kitty’s owner has an entire tumblr dedicated to the amazing outfits they cobble together. You can find him sporting outfits for Rick and Morty, Legend of Zelda, Agents of Shield, and more over at the Cat Cosplay tumblr.

Cat Catbus


Image Credit: Sweet Ipomoea

Studio Ghibli created a beautiful cat anime with My Neighbor Totoro and this cat’s owner has crafted up a fun version of the catbus. I love the fact that this Sweet Ipomoea actually includes a short tutorial on how to make your own Catbus costume on her site. This way, your kitty can join in the cosplay fun! If you don’t have time, just stick a leaf on your cat’s head and call him Totoro.

Sailor Mewn



Image Credit: Timeywimeyjedi/tumblr

I am Sailor Mewn, the champion of snack time. In the name of the red dot, which I cannot catch, I will right wrong and triumph over squeaky toys… and that means you! Sailor Moon has never looked as adorable. Sure, she doesn’t have Usagi’s memorable meatball hair, but this kitty has her magical moon tiara to help her fight evil and save the day.

Hairy Potter

Harry Potter Cat

Image Credit: Freyu/imgur

Is your cat a Slytherin or perhaps a Ravenclaw? This magical cat is obviously a Gryffindor hard at work mixing up some catnip infused potions for class. Professor Snape will have a hard time yelling at this adorable wizard. I wonder how long it took to knit that tiny sweater?

Fus Ro Nyah!


Image Credit: Savagepunk Studio

The mountains of Skyrim will shake with the dreadful meow of the Dovahkitty. This Khajiit’s owner is a true craftsman of leather. They also craft amazing armor and accessories for humans. you can check out more of their work on at Savagepunk Studio.

Super Mewio


Image Credit: Costume Works

 This last kitty doesn’t look so thrilled to be dressed up and I can only guess it is because some one told him: “Sorry Mewio, but your Princess is in another litter box.” You have to give him points, though, for styling the mushroom charm on his collar.


These little kitties are super adorable/totally badass in their costumes, but what about yours? Does your kitty prowl the night as Batcat or does he pretend to be Darth Kitty? Let us know what pawsome cosplays you have crafted for your feline friends in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Sparky’s Machine/tumblr

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