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The Geeky Weekly – Getting Dumbleburned by Meepillows

The Geeky Weekly – Getting Dumbleburned by Meepillows

Moving is always tough, especially when someone new is moving into your space. We got some new office neighbors this week, and while it’s fun and exciting, we’re still getting everything settled for next week.

So what exactly is going on? G&S is heading off to PAX Prime next weekend! If you see me there, give me a fist bump. (And then immediately slather your hands in hand sanitizer. There’s been a terrible cold running through the office, so hand shaking is not recommended.) We’ll be putting up some indie game columns and previews of PAX before we leave to keep you in the know. We’re also looking forward to Season 2 of LARPs: The Series! Catch up before the new episodes hit; or at least finish up those leather gauntlets you’ve been putting off making since last season.

What You Might Have Missed

Labyrinth Ball Gallery – You’re probably tired of hearing me talk about it, but you really need to check out the costumes, and the articles we wrote about it.

Ready Play One Movie – Well, it’s about time. The book that managed to put together more 80’s nostalgia than Garbage Pail Kids drinking an Ecto Cooler is hitting the big screen thanks to some big names.

Anime Recommendations for fans of the Supernatural – This is anime for fans who enjoy spooky things and not the TV show, Supernatural. Though, the TV deals with spooky things a well, so it could be for both.

No Budget Gaming – Love to game, but don’t have the money to spend on $60 titles? We have you covered. For only a couple of bucks, you can be gaming like a king with these story driven titles.


What We’re Reading Now

Marvel Gets Cosplay Variants – The world of cosplaying has come full circle as some of your favorite cosplayers such as Kit Quinn and Yaya Han take to the front cover of Marvel comics. Comic Vine gives you your first peek at the covers coming out later this year.

These Hilarious Harry Potter Comics Show How Irresponsible Dumbledore Was – We’ve been obsessed with this Harry Potter comic this whole week. You’ve probably seen it on Buzzfeed already, but if you haven’t – you’re welcome.

Chogokin x Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Robot – Happy Anniversary, Hello Kitty. This celebration has been going on for a while, but as we keep getting presents, so I’m not going to complain. Let me direct you attention to the Hello Kitty mech. Yes, it’s a robot shaped like our favorite feline with a smaller Hello Kitty piloting it. As cool as this is, I wished that they went with the Evangelion-style mech. You want snarling, half-crazied Hello Kitty mech.

Erma – With kids going back to school, I thought now would be a good time to break out one of my favorite web comics featuring a young Ringu girl and her family. It’s like the modern Adams Family where two-thirds of them look like Cousin It. Dark yet charming, check out this comic. Also, you’ll need to copy this and pass it to someone else before seven days or bad things will happen to you.

Lady Beard Cosplays Chung-Li – Damn it, Lady Beard. I’m working out, eating right, and then you go ahead and completely rock a Chun-Li outfit like it’s no one’s business. The team over at Fashionably Geek think you look great as well and managed to put together all the Chung-Lady Beard you need.

How To Find The Best Fanfiction On the Internet – Head over to io9 to find out how to find the best fan fiction. Hint: I wouldn’t use Google to search half the terms you are thinking about.

What We’re Watching

We role play campaigns with wizards and orcs all the time, but has anyone really LARP’ed a shooter before? This clever group manages to turn a random session of Chatroulette into a one-on-many zombie survival game where you’ll need to find weapons, find secret passages, and defeat a boss at the end. You know you want to try it out.

Sometimes someone makes something and you think to yourself, “Man, I should have thought of that.” Well, you didn’t this time. Meepillows – a combination of meeple, pillows, and brilliant – just busted through their Kickstarter goal so they can start rolling out these plushy board game pieces. Even the video is pretty adorable.

It is by mandate that we need to include a dancing Pikachu video on the site at least once a week. I’m really don’t know who sets up these rules, but I keep getting cryptic notes saying bad things will happen if I don’t.

Feature Image Credit: Square Enix/Life is Strange

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