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The Geeky Traveler: Central Park’s Bow Bridge – DOCTOR WHO and DAREDEVIL

The Geeky Traveler: Central Park’s Bow Bridge – DOCTOR WHO and DAREDEVIL

Central Park isn’t a place you need an excuse to visit. The 700+ acre park tucked in the midst of New York City is a gem. Yes, that does sound like one of the lamest words to use to describe a location, but what can I say? It applies. The space is precious by default, a haven of colorful flowers and trees breaking up the multi-hued grays of concrete and steel all around it. It took the work of talented landscapers and architects to sculpt the park into the place it is today. And that place is one rife with corners to explore and treasures to discover.

When I first visited Central Park, it was by way of a nighttime carriage ride in the fall. Yes, I was one of those tourists. By the dim, yellow lights of the city, the park looked more than a little scary. Every time we turned a corner, I was reminded of a murder scene I’d seen in some crime procedural series. The next couple of times I was in New York, I made it a point to explore Central Park on foot for as long as I could during the daylight.

As I wandered the pathways, familiar sights greeted me practically around every corner. Central Park is such a popular filming spot for movies and television that you constantly play a game of “Where Have I Seen That?” as you stroll. One iconic place in particular jumped out at me–Bow Bridge–and I knew exactly what I recognized it from. The elegant cast iron bridge (the second oldest such bridge in America) was featured in the Doctor Who episode “The Angels Take the Manhattan.”

Putting aside feelings about the events of that episode, the scenes between the Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory in Central Park were sweet and funny. The Doctor sat on the bridge reading the book by Melody Malone while Amy threw sticks into the water below. You won’t be surprised to learn Doctor Who cosplayers have visited Bow Bridge for photos. When I was there almost two years ago, I noticed this marked into the sidewalk:

Bow Bridge crossed my mind again recently when I read Daredevil: Devil at Bay, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Chris Samnee. Issue #5 explores the fate of Foggy Nelson, and even though the comic has been out for a while, I don’t want to spoil the details. However, it starts with a conversation on Bow Bridge:

Doctor Who and Daredevil are far from the only series, comics, and films to feature Central Park. This list is lengthy and includes titles such as Spider-Man 3 (specifically at Bow Bridge) Ghostbusters, When Harry Met Sally, Enchanted, White Collar, Edward Scissorhands, and The Avengers. It’s quite possible to spend an entire day wandering the park looking for locations. Roadtrippers will help you get started.

Location: Central Park, New York City, New York
Admission: Free
More Information: Central Park Conservancy

IMAGES: Amy Ratcliffe, BBC

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