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The Geekiest Week (7/27) – Arise from the Titansgrave

The Geekiest Week (7/27) – Arise from the Titansgrave

It was one of those weeks that went by in the blink of an eye. You were probably packing a jacket for Gen Con or wizard robes for GeekyCon. Me? I’m still at the office this week working on some great articles coming down the pipeline. We’re shining the spotlight on some well deserving cosplayers, showcasing some upcoming indie games, and we’re bringing you The Pull‘s pull list on Wednesdays so you will always know what you need to buy when you hit the store.

Here are some of my favorite articles of the week:

Basic Tips for Novice DM – One of the hardest jobs in a tabletop RPG is that of the dungeon master. You know the story and the beats you want to get through, but will your players survive or even get to them? We walk you through the first steps of becoming a better DM.

The Story Behind Titansgrave The Ashes of Valkana – Speaking of tabletop RPGs, Titansgrave hit Gen Con this weekend and we have the story behind the story of how it got made. If you want to skip to the good part, pre-orders for Titansgrave are available right now.

Ashley Eckstein Talks Her Universe and Geek Fashion – One of the biggest names in fashion hit the stage with Amy Dallen to talk about Her Universe.

Firefly’s Costume Designer Shawna Trpcic – Origin – Having read through the whole interview with Shawna, it was clear that her story couldn’t be told in a single article. Our very own Stef delves into her story again next week, but check out how it all began.


What We’ve Been Reading

Chipmunk Adventures – Chris McVeigh must be a chipmunk God. Photos range from awesome to simply unbelievable as this one chipmunk interacts with your favorite childhood toys. Vader riding a chipmunk should be a t-shirt. For me. Now.

Hijab Lolita Fashion – Our Nerdist friends from across the hall just discovered Lolita fashion. Just click on it to check out the pictures and you’ll completely understand what it means. We’re working on a couple of interview the people behind the fashion, but until then, check out this article.

Real Life Portraits of Disney Princes – Jirka Vaatainen has managed to turn Disney into a reality on his website. Huffington post manages to break down each of the portraits, but let’s face it, Aladdin is clearly Jake Gyllenhaal. Also, I need to do more sit-ups.

Most Badass Fictional Weapon of all Time – Do you know what we love? Badass weapons and data charts. The good people over at Morphsuits heard our little prayers and sent us both in a single package. Sadly, they don’t rank “the power of true friendship.” I have a feeling that it falls right behind the BFG9000.

Anime where boys whisper nothing but sweet nothings in your ear – The team over at Kotaku found an anime where boys talk to you as you fall asleep. Yes, this is a thing. Only two episodes into this 12 part series, each boy takes on a different situation to let you know how much they care about you as you drift off to sleep. If this is going to work, I’m going to need a tear-resistant laptop and someone to tell me why senpai won’t notice me.

Game of Throne App Helps You Avoid Spoilers While Reading – You can read the article by the Hollywood Reporter about the new app that lets you read through the Game of Thrones series without spoiling the show. Or – you can simply read the books like a normal person.


What We’ve Been Watching

Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki from dono on Vimeo.

You might have already read that they’re planning on releasing a Blu-ray collection of the collected works of Hayao Miyazaki. I keep pressing dollar bill against the screen until it becomes a reality. Until you finally get your hands on the collection or simply break your monitor, check out this recent tribute to the man behind the studio by dono.

Serious Pikachu Dance

Sometimes you just need to dance. Sometime you need to catch them all. Why not both? This guy will walk you through all the moves you need to dance with Pikachu. But keep an eye on the two electric rodents behind him. They have some serious moves of their own.

A Very Potter Musical

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter! The boy who lived makes it through another year. If you couldn’t make it down to GeekyCon for all the butter beer and cake, we’re going to send you the next best thing. Team StarKid put together not just one Harry Potter musical, but a series of musicals based on our favorite Gryffindor. Maybe second favorite. There’s an argument starting up in the offices that it should be Hermione. Who is your favorite of the Gryffindors? Let us know in the comment section below.

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