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The Geekiest, Nerdiest, and Raddest Dads in Pop Culture

The Geekiest, Nerdiest, and Raddest Dads in Pop Culture

Dads are rad. They teach us how to ride our bikes. They take us crabbing and fishing and laugh at us when we want to keep the animals we catch as pets. They mockingly greet us when we stumble downstairs in the morning (or more likely late afternoon) with sleepy eyes and outrageous bedhead. They’ve added to the culture with their jokes and bods. Some even became our fathers by choice when our given dads just weren’t able to step up to the plate. Though my undying love for dads is present all year round, it is especially important to celebrate dads this weekend because Sunday, June 21st in Father’s Day (in the United States at least…). So whether you’re spending the day bonding with your father figure or stuck on the other side of the country like myself, let’s all take a moment to recognize some of our favorite fictional dorky dads.

1. Rupert Giles


source: Twentieth Century Fox

Though not “technically” a “dad,” Rupert Giles serves as a watcher and father figure to the slayer, Buffy Summers. He endeavors to protect her in any way he can — and turns to his books on demons and prophecies to provide the research needed for Buffy to keep Sunnydale safe. His bookish ways make him the perfect nerd dad who will correct you on your grammar, but also read you a bedtime story.

2. Walter White

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) - Breaking Bad _ Season 5b _ Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

source: Frank Ockenfels III/AMC

Walter White’s love of chemistry makes him second on our list of nerdy dads. He isn’t just a dad to his teenage son Walter Jr. and baby daughter Holly, but a father figure to his students as well — one of which being his meth cooking partner the young, aspiring Jesse Pinkman. He may not be the perfect dad, but the sacrifices he’s made have been for his family. And he could totally show you how to do that Coke bottle mentos experiment.

3. Wayne Szalinski


source: Walt Disney Pictures/IMDb

Wayne Szalinski is the ultimate nerd dad. His love of science prompted him to create an electromagnetic shrinking machine… which inadvertently ended up shrinking his kids. But you can’t say that wasn’t a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What a cool dad.

4. Ross Geller


source: David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images Entertainment

Okay, so, Ross is kind of the worst, but his childish nature makes him the perfect dad to his son Ben and his daughter Emma. Plus, he’s a paleontologist who loves dinosaurs and would probably go see Jurassic World with you 20 times.

5. Hawkeye


source: Jeremy Renner/Twitter

We learned a lot more about Hawkeye in the most recent installment of The Avengers film series when we were introduced to Hawkeye’s family in Age of Ultron. What would be cooler than having a dad who’s a superhero? Let alone an Avenger? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

6. Professor Henry Jones Sr.


source: Paramount Pictures

Professor Henry Jones and his son Indy may not always see eye to eye, but it’s clear that his father’s love for history and medieval literature inspired Jones to follow in his footsteps. The elder Jones searched relentlessly for the Holy Grail in the same way that Indiana Jones himself searched for many a historical artifact.

7. Richard Castle


source: TNT/YouTube

Alexis Castle sure did luck out because Richard Castle is the ultimate geek dad. He plays laser tag, rock band, fences, and goes all out on his Halloween parties. Castle’s apartment is essentially a playground for grownups… and I want to live there.

8. Geppetto


source: Walt Disney Studios/IMDb

In the same way as Wayne Szalinski, Geppetto is a bit of an inventor himself. The carpenter so desperately wanted a son that he made his own out of wood. To his surprise, his toy son Pinocchio came to life. Geppetto’s wish was granted and he went through great lengths to save his mischievous marionette son.

9. Alfred Pennyworth


source:© 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. & Legendary Pictures Funding, LLC/IMDb

There have been many variations of one Alfred Pennyworth through out pop culture but one thing remains true through out all of his different incarnations — he’s a badass. Serving as a butler to the Wayne family, Alfred was always close with Young Master Wayne. However, after his parent’s died, Bruce Wayne needed Alfred more than ever. Alfred supports Bruce in his mission for vigilante justice by aiding him with high tech weapons and gadgets. However, sometimes Alfred has to be a stern father and warn Bruce of the dangers of his ways.

10. George McFly


source: © Universal Studios/IMDb

George McFly is a science fiction author, which automatically makes him a huge geek. Additionally, a good chunk of Marty’s time spent in the past is hooking up an awkward and geeky younger version of his father with his out-of-George’s-league mother so Marty could make sure he was, yanno, born.

Whose your favorite geeky or nerdy dad that you feel escaped our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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