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The Geek-themed Restaurants You Need to Visit

The Geek-themed Restaurants You Need to Visit

It’s a random night and you want to get out of the house. Nightclubs aren’t really your thing, there’s nothing interesting at the movies, and you want to try something different. You wish there was a place that combined all the things you love –sci-fi, food, comics, and games– but surely such a cool place couldn’t exist, right? WRONG.

The rising popularity of all things nerd has once again worked in your favor! Geek-themed restaurants and hangout spots are taking over the USA. No matter what your fandoms and interests are, there is a space out there that you will enjoy. So, take a road trip (or a short drive) and check out these awesome places for a night of geeky fun:

The Pandorica (Beacon, NY)

The Pandorica

Image Credit: The Pandorica

The Pandorica is all Doctor Who, all the time. Every inch of the restaurant is decorated to celebrate the sci-fi series, complete with a giant replica of Van Gogh’s exploding TARDIS painting, creepy snowmen, photos from the series, and a TARDIS bathroom that is actually bigger on the inside. If you are a Whovian, you’ll definitely get a kick out of creative menus items like the “fish fingers and custard,” “WHOmmus,” and “Sally Sparrow Duck Salad.” The Pandorica also has “Sip and Paint” nights to help you hone your artsy skills and a Thursday trivia night to test your Who knowledge. Allons-y!

Geeksboro Cinema Café (Greensboro, NC)


Image Credit: Geeksboro Cinema Cafe/Facebook

It’s a cinema! It’s a café! It’s geeky! Geeksboro Cinema Café is the place to go to indulge in at least one of your interests. You can check out a cinema that shows everything from independent films and documentaries to popular TV series. Or, kick back with your friends and grab some coffee (or beer) while you enjoy the latest episode of your favorite show. You can even pop in on a Saturday morning to check out your favorite classic cartoons! Geeksboro goes beyond TV/film and also hosts video game tournaments every Saturday, board game nights on Fridays, trivia nights, knitting, drink & draw sessions, and more. You can show up in your cosplay, talk nerdy with your friends, and enjoy a place that was designed with you in mind.

Barcade (Various locations)


Image Credit: Barcade/Facebook

Barcade is exactly what the name suggests: a bar with an arcade. If you love craft beer and throwback video games, Barcade is the perfect way to spend a night out on the town. This restaurant has roots in Brooklyn, NY and was the brainchild of four visionary friends who quit their jobs to pursue their dream of opening a bar that caters to arcade game lovers. Take your pick of a ridiculously long list of beers, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas as you focus on beating the highest score in Donkey Kong and TRON. The bar has been so successful, there are now several locations in NY as well as one in Jersey City and Philly. Game on.

Safe House (Milwaukee, WI)

Safe House Pic

Image Credit: Nerdwallet

Are you a spy in your own mind? Have you been looking for an unassuming spot to grab a bite to eat while you browse through top-secret files and prep for your next mission? If so, Safe House is the place to check out some memorabilia of your fellow secret agents, munch on delicious food, and experience one of the oldest and most famous “secret spots” in America. Not so fast though–you have to have a password or pass a little test to get in the door! Once you gain access, you’ll enjoy navigating crazy passageways and revolving booths while the staff treats you like a Bond-level boss. Safe House has been the location of movies like Major League and featured in Time and People Magazine, so it is definitely worth a spot on your geeky bucket list.

Library Bar (Los Angeles, CA)

Library Bar

Image Credit: Library Bar

Behold, a bar for book buffs! Like most of California, Library Bar is a great mix of laid-back vibes and good times. Yes, there are actual books and lounge chairs complete with dim lighting, so you will feel like you are at a home away from home. If you are looking for a little more interaction, grab a good beer or cocktail and chill on the patio with a few friends as you overlook the City of Angels. Or, head there on a Wednesday to kick back and listen to rare music from the 60s-90s during their “Midweek Melodies” night. Library Bar is the perfect public place to unwind and hangout after a long day of adulting, so make your way there ASAP.


Do you have a favorite geek-themed restaurant or chill spot that deserves to be on this list? If so, comment below and let us (and your fellow geeks) know where the cool kids go.

Featured Image Credit: Barcade

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