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The Galaxy Needs YOU! – VAST Season 2 Starts April 17th

VAST Season 2 will be premiering only on Alpha, on April 17 at 7PM PST. Sign up right now for your 30-day free trial at Project Alpha!

Jackson Lanzing, creator and Game Master of VAST, leads two unique casts on a journey into space in this original roleplaying game.

VAST tells the story of two very different civilizations, both confronting an intergalactic threat known as The Slate. Each week the show focuses on one of two factions: the peaceful Pac-Ha Peacekeep and the brutal Brightest Eye. They work individually and together to try and save the universe.

Did you miss season one? In addition to watching all the episodes right now on Alpha, we’ll be streaming them on Geek & Sundry Live, every Monday at 7PM PST, starting on April 17.

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Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket’s Honey Heist