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This Artist Gave Star Wars a Feudal Japan Overlay And Of Course It’s Wicked Awesome

This Artist Gave Star Wars a Feudal Japan Overlay And Of Course It’s Wicked Awesome

Under Bushido, the way of samurai life, there exist accepted tenets from various versions of the code. Among these tenets are benevolence, self-control, and filial piety. In spite of how amazingly cool Kylo Ren looks in samurai getup, our favorite force-sensitive emo would have a tough time embracing Bushido based on these tenets alone.

But artist, designer, writer, and all-around Renaissance man Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey has drawn Kylo Ren as a samurai anyway, as well as six other characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, whom he imagines filling different roles throughout feudal Japan. Here is the amazing Tumblr post in all its original glory.

Draper-Ivey imagines Rey much as we know her now, with the flowing scavenger robes re-purposed into feudal Japanese garb. “Ronin Finn,” aptly named due to Finn’s lack of lord or master after fleeing from the First Order, wears Poe’s jacket loosely draped over his shoulders, proving that true love transcends space and time.

“Commander Poe,” meanwhile, sits astride his trusty steed, which fills in for his distinctive black and orange X-Wing. With BB-8 just visible behind him, Poe proudly rides for the Resistance and flies its flag into battle.

Looking recovered from her latest bout in a trash compactor (and the small matter of Starkiller Base’s no longer existing), Captain Phasma dons samurai armor similar to her First Order uniform, complete with the unique black cape. Samurai would have had access to firearms, so “Taichou” (Japanese for captain) Phasma can still cling fiercely to her weapon.

FN-2199, affectionately nicknamed TR-8R by fans for his one and only spoken word in the film, also earns a spot on Draper-Ivey’s post. In order to replicate the effect of Nines’ Z6 riot control baton, which the trooper brandished at Finn during their confrontation on Takodana, Draper-Ivey fused “the Jutte, Tonfa, and Katana into one weapon to make it more menacing.” Draper-Ivey titles this image “Ashigaru Nines,” as ashigaru were the stormtroopers of feudal Japan, fighting for and under the samurai class.

This last one is the image you didn’t know that you needed to see: an adorable Akita cast as BB-8 and clad in orange and white. Originally guard dogs for royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, Akitas were named for the province in northern Japan where they are thought to have originated. Draper-Ivey knew that Akitas would make a natural feudal counterpart to droids.

We’ve thrown a few in the gallery below, but you can check out his full Star Wars lineup on his original post. You can also check out all of Nikolas’ stuff over on his Tumblr page, which is packed full of geeky goodness and amazing art!

How do you imagine the original Star Wars cast fitting into feudal Japan or other historical contexts? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image credit: Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey


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