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The Force Awakens Everyday Cosplay

The Force Awakens Everyday Cosplay

Do you realize how close we are to the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens?!? It’s been a long road since that day we all were glued to our phones in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for that first teaser to drop. Thankfully, our waiting has paid off and we’re SO CLOSE to officially meeting some new amazing characters like Rey and Finn, as well as seeing our old faves like Leia, Han, and Luke.

I’m stoked for the premiere, but of course you can’t just head to the Star Wars premiere in any old outfit. This is one of the biggest occasions in geekdom in several years. You’ve got to be dressed to the nines. Not all of us can pull off waiting in a long line at your local theater in the depths of December in Jedi cosplay, and while companies like Her Universe, Welovefine, and more have made some pretty rad Star Wars-inspired outfits, it can be fun to create your own Star Wars-inspired outfit. Here are a few everyday cosplay looks inspired by some of our new faves from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Rey’s style is equal parts cute and utilitarian–it’s also quite the throwback to Luke’s style back on Tatooine. While the all brown/khaki look isn’t for everyone, this outfit will most certainly help you channel Rey’s badass spirit and help you feel ready to save the universe. Plus, it will be a pretty cozy outfit, which is perfect for standing in line, at night, in the middle of winter.

Everyday Rey


Poe Dameron

It’s tough to re-create Poe’s look without looking like an escaped convict. Orange jumpsuits mean something very different in our corner of the universe. If you want to give a more subtle nod to Poe’s pilot look, this outfit is perfect for you. Also equipped for colder weather, you’ll be set to bulls-eye womp rats in your T-16 back home or wait in line for a cold midnight premiere. Whatever works for you.

Everyday Poe Dameron



Finn first caught our attention in his Stormtrooper suit, but it’s his outfit after his Trooper days that is a lot easier to translate into an everyday look. Finn keeps it simple with an all-black outfit paired with a leather jacket, so you don’t have to spend too long assembling this one. You can also add in a crossbody bag to fill with snacks and other line survival items while you wait for the premiere.

Everyday Finn



Even though we don’t know a thing about BB-8, we’ve all basically fallen in love with this tiny droid. While you’re on your own trying to recreate his signature rolling action and his droid beeping, this outfit will help you channel his attitude and signature style in a manner than translates into everyday. And, of course, this look is paired with a jacket, because it’s December and even droids know the importance of bundling up.

Everyday BB-8


Captain Phasma

I’ll be honest: I know next to nothing about Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma, but I’m completely obsessed with her. I know she’s a bad character, but she is so incredibly badass and her baddie style is just the best. In this outfit, you’ll absolutely strike fear into the hearts of millions, and you’ll channel the dark side with some pretty sweet style.

Everyday Captain Phasma


Kylo Renn

Kylo Renn has definitely been one of the more controversial bad guys in Force Awakens. With a crossguard lightsaber that the entire internet can’t decide is awesome or idiotic, as well as a crazy internet theory on who the man behind the mask really is, lots of people are talking about Kylo. His look is pretty basic, sticking to the team colors of the Dark Side–black with accents of darker black and occasionally some shiny black–perfect for a no-stress everyday cosplay outfit.

Everyday Kylo Ren


What are you going to be wearing to the Force Awakens premiere? Let us know your premiere plans in the comments!


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