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The Flog: Fencing with Osric Chau

Felicia’s so anxious for her book to come out that she doesn’t even remember what day it is. But don’t worry, because she’s still here with another episode of The Flog! For this week’s episode, in preparation for her duel with the six-fingered man, Felicia teams up with Osric Chau to learn how to fence at Swordplay LA.

Trio Mio
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
This historical fantasy drama, set in England during the Napoleonic Wars, is full of magic, fairies, and sexy man magicians, all favorites of Felicia. Parceled out in nice, bite sized morsels, this series place over 7 episodes so it doesn’t leave you waiting for a conclusion like some fantasy dramas.
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You Must Build a Boat
This mobile game has you matching tiles as you explore dungeons in order to gather resources to build a better boat. Pick up more crew members or friendly monsters to help you in the next dungeon or upgrade your current crew members to do better as you continue in this nostalgic, pixelated world. Looking for an addictive and fun game to play on the go? Check out You Must Build a Boat.

Do you know what the best way to mourn the passing of a beloved video game character is? Buying You’re Never Weird on the Internet (almost). Felicia’s book is 100% guaranteed* to take your mind off of your losses, so when you’re down due to the death of Thane, Aerith, or the Deku Tree, just visit to pick up a copy and consider having her sign it on her book tour.

*Geek & Sundry does not guarantee that Felicia’s book will take your mind off of your character losses. It’s a pretty cool book though, so you should probably check it out.

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

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Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket's Honey Heist

Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket’s Honey Heist