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The Flog: Cooking with Robin

“Cooking with Robin” is back as Felicia and Robin team up to cook a Medieval Feast while dressed in their wench-y finest. With the menu including Fartes of Portingale (Portuguese style lamb meatballs), Chykenes or Connyng in Grauey (Chicken or rabbit in almond gravy), and Strawberye Pottage (Strawberry dessert porridge/stew), how will the ladies fare making these medieval delicacies?

Trio Mio

Sam Sofy
Extreme sports photographer turned LEGO artist, Sam Sofy takes awesome pictures of LEGO minifigs doing all sorts of things, from the mundane to the extraordinary. In what he terms as “Legography”, or the photography of LEGOs, Sam poses his subjects in whimsical situtations like Boba Fett about to push the Gingerbread Man into a toaster, reminiscent of the Sarlacc scene in Return of the Jedi, or Batman and Catwoman having a home cooked meal together.

The History Chicks
This podcast that explores real and fictional women throughout history. Whether it’s Mrs. Claus or Marie Antoinette, Dorothy Parker or Dorothy of Oz, the hosts of The History Chicks offer up great details about the women of history in casual, fun, and educating way.

Console Living Room
Just let the wave of nostalgia wash over you. Don’t fight it, because this is definitely something you want… nay, need in your life. Console Living Room from the Internet Archive lets you stream games from some of the classic consoles of years passed, including the Sega Atari, Magnavox Odyssey 2, Neo Geo, and more. Ready to relive those sweet memories of playing Ecco the Dolphin? It’s probably not the same as you remember it, but you can play it at the Console Living Room regardless!

Predicting Dungeons & Dragons’ Releases for 2019

Predicting Dungeons & Dragons’ Releases for 2019

Blizzard Brings More LGBTQ+ Representation with New OVERWATCH Backstory

Blizzard Brings More LGBTQ+ Representation with New OVERWATCH Backstory

Critical Role

WATCH: Critical Role – The Second Seal (Campaign 2, Episode 47)