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The Fifteen(ish) Geekiest Bars in the World

The Fifteen(ish) Geekiest Bars in the World

The weekend, dear friends, is nearly upon us. And in the interest of this, our collective magical weekly interlude of free time, we here at Geek & Sundry would like to share with you a few of our favorite watering holes. More than simply a place to start drinking at 7am, each of these fantastic establishments serve up equal parts awesomeness and inebriation.

I’m gonna take a whack at ranking these fifteen (or so) wonderfully geek-centric holes in the wall, but since each of us beautiful and unique snowflakes differs on what makes a bar both awesome and geeky, feel free to utterly destroy my self worth in the comments. The joke’s on you anyway. I’ll just end up drinking more, which means I’ll get to spend some extra time in these fine establishments and has no other ill side-effects, mom.

#15 (tie) The warring Lovecrafts. 
15 lovecraftnyc
These two completely unrelated bars are located in Portland, Oregon and NYC. Portland plays home to the original, creepier dance bar, while the New York version is more of a steampunk affair with themed cocktails.

#14 The Croft Institute.
14 Croft
Hidden down an alley in Melbourne’s Chinatown district, this bar claims to be themed after a science lab. It isn’t. That’s a lie. This place is an insane asylum where drinks are served in syringes and (reportedly) sponges.

#13 Kaiju-Sakaba.
13 Kaiju
The locals at this particular Tokyo saloon are the classic kaiju who were once tasked with defeating Ultraman. Sadly for them, that hardly ever happened. Hence the drinking.

#12 Tavern Brabant.
12 medieval
Nestled in the heart of Prague, this medieval tavern includes its own catacomb and comes complete with a medieval entertainment. If you’re into medieval fantasy, it doesn’t get a lot better than this.

#11 The Sherlock Holmes.
11 Sherlock
Many a pub around the world draws connection with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth, but the one located at 10 Northumberland St in London takes the cake. Not only is this the oldest Holmes-themed bar out there, it also houses a massive collection of Sherlockian memorabilia.

#10 Safe House.
10 Safe House
There is absolutely no secret entrance to any sort of establishment at the office of International Exports, Ltd. in Milwaukee, WI.  You would be most assuredly not find secret agents there. This entry will now self-destruct… unless somebody goofed.

#9 Storm Crow Tavern.
9 Storm Crow
Vancouver’s self-avowed sports bar for nerds plays home to all manner of geeky fun, from memorabilia to TableTop games and even an awesome shot list tied to a 20-sided die.

#8 Bharma. 
3 Bharma
Smoke monsters, massive unsolved mysteries, a crashed airplane, this Barcelona bar has it all. It’s also got a massively thematic menu and plenty of geeky events.

#7 H. R. Giger bars.
2 HRGiger
These sister bars, both located in Switzerland, are just dripping with Giger’s signature creepy-cool vibe. We’re not sure relaxation is exactly on the menu, but Alien-esque nostalgia? They’ve got that in spades.

#6 Donnie Dirk’s Zombie Den.
4 Dirks
If the zombie apocalypse happened today, and if Shaun of the Dead was actually the owner of The Winchester, chances are the result would be very much like this wondrous Minneapolis, MN watering hole.

#5 AFK Tavern.
Located in Everett, WA, this one-of-a-kind geek mecca just might be the most inviting entry on the entire list. Describing itself as “first and foremost a community center for nerds, gamers, geeks, and internet socialites,” the AFK Tavern goes above and beyond to make everybody feel welcome.

#4 The Way Station.
8 Waystation
Brooklyn’s own Doctor Who bar plays home to its own TARDIS bathroom, the walls of which are signed by both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Geek Karaoke is a weekly staple, as are many a show screening. Time is a little wibbly-wobbly here, so don’t be surprised if they don’t stick strictly to their schedule.

#3 Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde.
6 Dernier
The largest of our geek-of-all-trades bars, Dernier Bar caters to practically every geeky sub-genre you can imagine. Add to that its multiple bar tops and this Paris bar is one not to miss.

#2 Luida’s.
7 luidas
There’s almost no way to ever beat the perfection that is this Dragon Quest themed bar. Not only is the menu perfectly themed, not only does the food perfectly emulate in-game items and enemies, but the whole damn bar levels up as it progresses along its hero’s journey. Last time I checked it was level 5.

#1 The Green Dragon Inn.
5 Green Dragon
It’s almost a cheat that Hobbiton’s own bar gets pride of place here, but since New Zealand went ahead and started converting itself part-and-parcel into Middle-Earth, it’s hard to trump their resolve. Grab a pint in Frodo’s own local and rest your ridiculously hairy feet by the fire. You’ve made it to the geekiest bar on the planet.

Ok, you’ve seen them all now. What’d I miss? Tell us in the comments!

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