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The Currency of Vampires, Mario Party’s Worst Minigames, and More – G&S Weekly Wrap Up

The Currency of Vampires, Mario Party’s Worst Minigames, and More – G&S Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-Up, where we highlight some of the articles and videos that have gone up over the past week that you might have missed!

Prestation in Vampire: The Masquerade, Explained

Vampire Boon Article

In this overview of a specific mechanic in Vampire: The Masquerade, Rick Heinz shows how this system of boons and favors is a fantastic roleplaying element, recently seen in our RPG show L.A. By Night. “Prestation is the primary form of currency among the Damned, second perhaps to direct power over each other. Boons and favors, debts and obligations, a solid job or a major debacle all get wrapped up in the Christmas present box that is called Prestation.”

Western Legends on Game the Game 


Writer Raf Cordero sums up the game: “Western Legends is a sandbox-style adventure game, set in the rootin’-tootin’ wild west. Players take on familiar Western Heroes like Billy the Kid or Annie Oakley, and set off to become legends. ” Read his full overview of the game, and watch it played on Game the Game right here.

Super Mario Party’s Most Fun & Frustrating Games


Eric Ravencraft jumped in headfirst and played all the games in the newest installation of the Mario Party franchise. “Nintendo has cranked out over 80 new minigames for this title alone. But they can’t all be winners. These are the best games we’ve found, as well as the worst.”

Engine-Build with Marbles in Gizmos


Grace P. took a good look at a recent CMON Games release in the engine-building genre of games: “The goal of Gizmos is to earn the most victory points by building the most powerful Gizmotomatron you can. (Okay, I made up that name, but maybe we can make it stick.) The game is stunningly simple, which should come as no surprise given it’s designed by Phil Walker-Harding (the mind behind Sushi Go!Bärenpark, and a ton of other simple-but-excellent games).”

Amy Okuda vs. Day[9] On Spellslingers

The Guild alum Amy spins the wheel of fate and ends up with the aggressive Boros Deck, taking on Day[9]’s 3-color Abzan Deck. Check out the episode and find out who comes out on top!

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Image Credits: White Wolf, Nintendo, Grace P. 


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