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The Best Games for your New Years Eve Party

The Best Games for your New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve parties are great. And they’re even better with board games. But it isn’t always the right time to bring out the heavy-duty strategy games. At many New Years Eve parties, it’s essentially the one night each year that some of the attendees play games at all. So you need something that will produce laughter and accommodate large numbers of players. Here are some of the funnest games that fit the bill.

Wits and Wagers

wits-and-wagersIn general, trivia games are the worst. Because you either know it or you don’t. But Wits and Wagers doesn’t require you to know the answer. It just requires you to know who would know the answer.

You see, after each question is asked, everybody gets to write down their guess. And all of the questions ask for numeric answers, so you can take a stab in the dark if you have no idea. But then, those guesses get arrayed on a bidding table. And you bid on the guess that you think is closest to the right answer. If you bid right, you get more chips. And the player with the most chips wins.

So, you don’t have to know anything, really. Instead, if it’s a question about sports, you look to your sports friend. If they ask about an old television series you haven’t seen, you lean toward your elders. Of course, if you are good at trivia, the game provides you with a small bonus for getting the answer spot on. But the true points are gained by bidding appropriately and figuring out who you think knows the right answer. The unique trivia system results in an absolute blast for everyone.

A Fake Artist Goes to New York

fake-artistThink Spyfall meets Pictionary. In A Fake Artist Goes to New York, the players are all secretly told what they are supposed to draw. All the players, that is, except one. He has no idea what he’s supposed to be drawing. Then each of the players takes turns drawing a part of the picture. If you’re a true artist, you want to discover the fake one. But if you are the fake one, you want to blend in as best you can.

The trick is that if you are a true artist, you don’t want to give it away. Even so, you have to draw enough that your fellow artists realize you aren’t the fake. It’s a great challenge that forces you to ride the line between too little and too much.

Plus, it’s great fun whether you are handy with a pen or not. In fact, sometimes you can be a terrible drawer and do well. People might assume your drawing is lack of artistic ability rather than simply not knowing what you’re supposed to draw. Fake Artist is entertaining and will result in lots of smiles and mirth around the table.

Times Up: Title Recall

times-upThis game is all about getting your team to guess certain song and movie titles on clue cards. Although the game contains a ton, you take only a small subset of cards for any given game. With those clues in hand, you play three rounds.

In the first round, you can say almost anything you want to get your team to guess the right title. Easy peasy. But things get harder in the second round. Using the same clues, you try to get your team to guess them using only a single word. In the final round, no words are allowed.

Times Up is more than just a rehash of familiar party game mechanics. It actually creates new inside jokes every time. The reason is that since you use the same clues from round to round, your group can remember what worked in the previous round. And sometimes, what worked bears little relation to what the clue is all about. In later rounds, you might hearken back to those successful (although off base) clues rather than the true nature of the title in order to get your team to guess correctly. It’s a fabulous system that builds on itself and always results in laughter.

What will you be playing on New Year’s Eve? Tell us about it in the comments.

Image Credits: North Star Games, Oink Games, and R&R Games

Featured Image Credit: North Star Games

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