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The Best Board Gaming Instagram Accounts

The Best Board Gaming Instagram Accounts

A lot goes into board game production, and the artwork is the icing on the cake that really adds an extra layer of immersion. These Instagram accounts do an excellent job highlighting the masterful artwork that goes into board games.

Ignacy Trzewiczek

Portal Games’ Ignacy Trzewiczek’s Instagram is full of beautifully composed photos of board games and meeples hanging out in spectacular European locales. He also posts photos of his own game nights and occasionally gives fans a sneak peak of artwork from upcoming games. It’s a great account to follow for its sheer variety.



Finished my Snowtroopers! #imperialassault #snowtrooper A photo posted by Joseph Forster (@bgamerjoe) on

Joseph Forster shows off his hand-painted miniatures in this dedicated gaming Instagram account. He has quite a following, and for good reason. His painting work is highly detailed, and he throws in plenty of shots of board game set ups, too.


Instagram user indietabletopp features close-up photos of popular indie games and snaps of his own personal collection that will have you itching to build up your own. 

Fiddly Gamer


A Fiddly Gamer shares his daily thoughts on board games, accompanied by expert photographs of the subject matter. He also shares his forays into miniature painting. 

Art of Board Gaming


Art of Board Gaming shares a beautiful board gaming snapshot each day. He also writes up helpful articles and reviews pertinent to any avid gamer!

Game Booty


This board gamer turned Dutch language game translator poses his hand painted miniatures in actual gameplay, showing off his fantastic painting and photography skills.

Tiffany Ralph

I must say, all this practice is definitely paying off. #nofilter #miceandmystics #minis #minipainting A photo posted by Tiffany Ralph (@theonetar) on

Gorgeous painted miniatures, stunning photos, and a smiley corgi? This Instagram has it all if you’re crazy about all things tabletop.

Stephen Walsh

A prolific illustrator for Magic: the Gathering and Settlers of Catan, Stephen Walsh treats followers to his current works-in-progress. Sometimes he posts commissions, other times he posts up-coming card designs before he sends the proofs off to Wizards of the Coast. It’s a one-of-a-kind glimpse at the way board game art is created.

Board Games as Art


These professional photos truly seal the debate–board games boast some impressive artistic talent. Board Games As Art is dedicated to the visual appeal of games, and no one does it better. These outstanding pictures might just change the way you view board games.

Image Credit: Polyhedron Collider

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