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The Best (and Most Diabolical) Super Mario Maker Levels

The Best (and Most Diabolical) Super Mario Maker Levels

Ever since its release on the Wii U last month, Super Mario Maker has been a big hit, selling more than a million copies and pushing the platform back to into relevance. Of course, there’s a good reason for the game’s popularity. Super Mario Maker enables the opportunity of creating your own classic Mario level, using a number of tools, interfaces, designs from the original 8-bit Super Mario to the New Super Mario Bros. U and more to create something for players to experiment with. Just check out our own Geek & Sundry team messing around with the game below.

Creating a level isn’t easy. Tinkering with the right one can take hours at a time. Some crazy folk out there have managed to put together some absolutely ingenious levels, whether they pay tribute to older games or offer the kind of challenge that even masters of the series have trouble conquering. Here are just a few that you can find within the game, and be ready to lose a few lives. These define Mario Maker‘s legacy, right down to a tee.

Super Shmup Bros.

Most Mario games rely on platforming skills to get through a stage. This creation, by Andre GX, actually dives into another genre entirely: the classic “shmup,” or shoot-em-up as it’s more commonly known. In this stage, Mario hops into Bowser’s ride, snags a Fire Flower and shoots away at various enemies that get in his path. It starts out simply enough with just a few enemies, but then it gets absolutely ridiculous, with everything from flying bombs to spike-shooting turtles causing havoc. Fortunately, you can pick up winged Fire Flowers along the way, ideal for your boss encounter with Bowser Jr. Enter this game code and enjoy: FDE6-0000-003A-C285.

Raiders of the Lost Coin

Looking for a fitting tribute to Indiana Jones in the world of Mario? Look no further than the inspired Raiders of the Lost Coin by Nick. In this level, you’ll overcome many perils while trying to get to the finish line, including sequences that resemble those from the opening of the first film, such as jumping over pits and escaping a giant cannonball while shooting at enemies that get in your way. If fortune and glory are your game, you should give this level a try. 9B89-0000-003F-247B

WarioWare, Inc.

Remember the Wario Ware games? They put together a number of mini-games that you could complete in rapid fire succession in the hopes of earning medals and unlocking newer stages in the game. Steve certainly does, and his Wario Ware-inspired stage definitely brings back memories, as you complete a number of small challenges using the conniving anti-Mario himself. Be warned, though, some of them can be tough to overcome. 2B43-0000-0038-3F06

Sacrificial Yoshis

We know that Mario can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, dumping off his loyal dino steed, Yoshi, in favor of surviving a stage and moving on to the next one. But the Sacrificial Yoshis level in Super Mario Maker, compiled by Alec, actually requires you to be a jerk. In the stage, you’ll have to use Yoshi to reach higher ledges by boosting off his back. Sometimes, you’ll simply leave him behind; other times, you’ll send him careening into a bottomless pit, or fending against an army of Chain Chomps. Hey, it’s tough saving the world. He’d understand if he was in your shoes, right? C411-0000-0019-E21D

Green Hill Zone / Metalman

Do you like classic tribute stages? Who doesn’t? Here are two that are highly recommended.

First off, the Green Hill Zone stage will evoke memories of the original Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis, where you race through a stage, taking out Koopas and other enemies with none other than the Hedgehog himself! For good measure, this stage also features the original soundtrack and sound effects, so it’s kind of surreal. 5048-0000-0016-C599

While we’re at it, we also recommend checking out the Metalman stage, which shows a resemblance to the same one from Mega Man 2 for the NES. You play as the Blue Bomber, blasting your way through Koopa Troopas and Goombas before eventually facing off with a Hammer Bro on a conveyor belt. The music and sound effects are straight from the 8-bit game, so, nostalgia fans, you’ll feel right at home. C660-0000-0011-E63F

Image source: Nintendo

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