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The 5 Best Seasons of Nu-Who

The 5 Best Seasons of Nu-Who

From Daleks to Cybermen, Timelords old and new, these are the top 5 seasons of the new Doctor Who! Be wary, new viewer, for spoilers abound! Whovians, please enjoy this list you have found. (Yes, I rhyme now. Rhyming is cool.)

Number 5: Series 1 

Chris Eccleston’s season should make every amazing Who list ever. This is the season that brought Doctor Who back into the world and introduced an entire new generation to its awesome. We got Charles Dickens chasing around ghosts, comments on society’s obsession with reality tv, and the wonderful Captain Jack Harkness.

We saw Rose struggle, as any new time traveler, to reconcile the beauty and wonder of traveling around all of time and space with the harsh realization that she could never save her father from his fate. This is the season that brought us Bad Wolf and a Doctor still angry and heartbroken at his role in the Time War and this is the season that showed us you don’t have to stay broken as long as you have the right companions.

Image Credit: Blacky Smith

Number 4: Series 6

Series 6 took us to America and showed us how amazing Doctor Who is at interweaving a complex subplot throughout a season. This season taught us who River Song really is (turning the show into a soap opera for a little bit there), reminded us that we all still love pirates, and even showed us not one, but two of The Doctor’s wives. Wow!

In this season, The Doctor showed a depth of character beyond Matt Smith’s previous boyish charm and innocence. Matt was able to explore the darkness present in a man who lived for over 900 years and who had loved and lost and had people taken from him. We saw what it truly means to be a mad man with a box who has managed to make enemies across the universe and not only survive, but win.

Number 3: Series 3

Say what you want about Martha, but series 3 was a great season for Doctor Who. We got our first glimpse of Donna, our first Nu-Who companion to meet The Doctor and not be completely charmed. We saw Shakespeare combat witches, The Doctor forget himself and remember again, and we definitely questioned our worldwide obsession with pharmaceuticals (and spending so much time in the blasted car).

Furthermore, this season brought about two of the most intense storylines of Nu-Who. We were introduced to The Weeping Angels, a new species of alien that has us second guessing every statue we see and doing our best to never blink until we’re safely far far away. There was also the reappearance of The Master, The Doctor’s frenemy, in one of the best season finale storylines yet.

Number 2: Series 4

More Doctor Donna please! In this season, we solved a mystery with Agatha Christie, learned that no ship should ever be called the Titanic, and coo’d over the adorable adipose (despite their birth being dependent on the death of hundreds of people). Series 4 also introduced us to River Song: archaeologist, criminal, and The Doctor’s future killer and wife.

Anyways, this is the season that taught us the unknown and unseen are the scariest monsters out there. In Midnight, there is no physical monster, just a knocking and amazing acting by the cast of characters. In the two-part introduction and death of River Song, the monsters are created through the use of strategic lighting; they are nothing more than shadow. These monsters have no physical form and stick to the shadows, remaining unseen until the last possible moment, making them terrifying and nearly impossible to fight. Series 4 definitely wins first on the lowest cost and most terrifying monster front.

Number 1: Series 5

Series 5, the first season with Matt Smith as The Doctor, clearly deserved the top spot on today’s Nu-Who list. This season brought us the most quotable moments of Doctor Who, with such lines as “fish-fingers and custard,” “bow ties are cool,” “The Girl Who Waited,” and “Geronimo!” It also included beautiful stand-alone episodes and an impressive, interwoven storyline that proved maybe that crack in the wall isn’t as simple as it seems.

This season made us question ourselves, our place in the universe, and our treatment of other creatures. And then there was Vincent and The Doctor, an episode I regularly rewatch at least once a month because of its beautiful exploration of one of the most creative and troubled minds in history.

Just wow.

All Images, Unless Otherwise Noted, Credited to: BBC

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