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The 18 Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2018 – Part Two

The 18 Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2018 – Part Two

2017 is nearly over, yet we’re already we’re looking forward to what comes next. While there’s still plenty of fun to extract from the games we’ve loved this year, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little bit of anticipatory hype. The tabletop editorial team put together a list of 18 tabletop titles, and we’ll be covering them in no particular order throughout the three parts of this series. If you haven’t already, check out the first part of this series here. Without further ado, here are the next six titles on our list that we can’t wait to get our hands on. 

7. Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness

AEG is building off the success of their card-crafting system from Mystic Vale with the new game Edge of Darkness. However, where Mystic Vale was a tight, contained deckbuilder, Edge of Darkness is a much grander affair. Each player is the leader of a guild working to exert their influence over a city, a city that is regularly being attacked by monsters. Just like Mystic Vale, you’ll have a hand of mostly see-through plastic cards that you can upgrade by slotting in new sections. What’s different now is that after you’ve done that your cards go into a communal deck, meaning that other players can and will draw the cards that you’ve been working so hard to upgrade. But that’s fine, because in order to use your cards, they’ll have to pay you for the privilege. On top of that, the monsters that can attack the city are printed on the backs of these cards, so the more you upgrade them, the stronger the monsters become. Add to that a modular board, worker placement, and a dice tower that determines who the monsters attack and you’ve got a very big, very exciting game that we can’t wait to get our hands on.


8. Kick-Ass

Kick Ass

Perhaps not the timeliest release by CMON, but any fans of Kick-Ass, either the comic or the movie, should be excited about this one. Designer Eric Lang is working hard to emulate the comic book, both in design and in the choices you’ll be forced to make. Instead of playing as established superheroes with myriad powers, equipment, or resources, you’ll be a few steps lower on the totem pole. Sure, you’ll be walking the streets, fighting crime, and teaming up with other heroes, but you’ll also have to pay the bills by going to work occasionally, build up your local neighborhood watch to improve your crime-detecting capabilities, and manage your social media presence. Can’t be saving the day without anybody knowing about it.

9. Monarchies of Mau

monarchies of mau

After the world was introduced to Pugmire, the pen and paper RPG that cast players as anthropomorphic dogs in a post-apocalyptic future, the biggest question that Pugsteady received was, “How do I play as a cat?” Well, the solution to that is finally here! Or, it will be soon. Monarchies of Mau is an expansion to Pugmire that allows you to do just this. It’s set in a cat-run kingdom that the designers describe as “three musketeers meets planet of the apes…but with cats.” It occupies the same universe as Pugmire, so you can feel free to mix and match if you want. If you haven’t played Pugmire, that’s fine too. Monarchies of Mau shares the same rules, but will work perfectly as a standalone RPG. After zooming past their Kickstarter goal, backers are getting early access while they playtest and finalize all of the new material. The rest of us will have to exercise our cat-like patience until it is officially published.

10. Rising Sun

Rising Sun header

Another game on this list by CMON and Eric Lang is Rising Sun. Seen as a spiritual successor to Blood Rage, Rising Sun will take place in feudal Japan with a healthy dose of folklore and mythology in the mix. The game will have a strong focus on diplomacy, alliances, and negotiation. And war, of course, but strategy and tactics aren’t the only means to an end. If you’re too treacherous, you’ll find yourself losing Honor, which is a tangible resource here. As Lang put it, “The game is about the machinations of war, as much as the war itself.” Rising Sun blasted past its Kickstarter goal, earning over $4.2 million, so they’ve got a lot of stretch goals in the works, including high-quality components for everyone, exclusives for backers, and some truly beautiful miniatures (it is Kickstarter after all).

11. Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol


Despite being scheduled for a release in January, Wizkids has released very little information about Blade Runner 2049: Nexus Protocol, save for its mouthful of a name. What we do know is that it will be a social deduction card game where players will be detectives, citizens, or Deckard himself, trying to figure out which of them are humans and which are replicants in disguise. Even if you think you’re a human, you can never be too sure. Similar to the Battlestar Galactica board game, you might find out midway through that you’re actually a replicant, at which point you’ll need to keep your newfound identity a secret, lest you be “retired.” If the game can retain half as much style as the movie, we’re pretty sure it’ll be a winner.

Scheduled for January 2018

12. Middara


There are a number of board games that try to replicate the experience of a pen and paper RPG, but very few are able to handle the pure freedom that RPGs allow. Middara, by Succubus Publishing however, looks like it might get damn close. Set in a modern fantasy world, each player will build their own characters, eschewing strict classes in favor of a point buy system (ala Fallout’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system). This allows you to really control what kind of person you want to be in-game. Want to make a pure fighter? Sure. Want a fighter who also casts spells? Go for it. Want a fighter who dabbles in magic and has a penchant for assassination? This game’s got you, boo. What really has my attention though, is Middara’s narrative-focused campaign, where the decisions you make will have important and lasting consequences. Of course, if narrative isn’t that important to you, they’ve also included a pure dungeon crawl variant to satisfy your more tactical side. No matter what you like about RPGs, it looks like you’ll have something to be excited about when Middara hits the shelves.

Part 2 of this series featuring six more of hotly-anticipated titles will be going live tomorrow. Be sure to follow Geek & Sundry on Facebook and Twitter to get notified when it goes live. What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Tell us in the comments!

Image Credits: Teri Litorco, CMON, AEG, Pugsteady, Succubus Publishing, Wizkids

As well as writing for Geek and Sundry, Shea teaches board games on his YouTube channel RTFM. You can also talk to/follow/stalk him on Twitter @Sheasayswords.



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