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The 12 Board Games We’re Most Excited For At Gen Con

The 12 Board Games We’re Most Excited For At Gen Con

Yes gamers, it’s that time of year again. Gen Con is right around the corner and that means it’s time for a lot of board game releases.

Just like last year, I dug into the list of over 400 games and picked my top 12 games I’m excited to test drive at the convention. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but each has a specific reason for showing up here. Check it out below!

Vault of Dragons by Gale Force Nine

DnDVoD_Box_RenderSend your followers throughout Waterdeep in search of rumors and treasure. There’s a hidden vault of gold somewhere in the city and it’s yours if you can take it! Brawl with the other factions in the city, but beware of the Watch.

Why I’m excited: It’s Dungeons & Dragons. I love the background stories to places I visit as a player, so games like this meld my love of lore with my love of board games.

Blood on the Clocktower by the Pandemonium Institute


The town storyteller has been murdered and impaled on the hands of the clocktower. A demon is loose and in the guise of a human. It’s up to the good townsfolk to figure out who is the demon before evil overruns the town.

Why I’m excited: It’s a social deduction with the feel of Call of Cthulhu. There is a Storyteller running all the action, leaving you free to enjoy the game. Even if you arrive to the game late, or are killed, you can still join in and you continue playing.

Before There Were Stars… by Smirk & Laughter Games

before there

Each player takes on the role of a storyteller telling the mythic creation story of their people using constellation cards. Tell the tales of the creation of the world, the rise of heroes, and the end of everything.

Why I’m excited: I love storytelling games. This one gives points for the best story moments, so everyone can shine. I use games like these as writing prompts even if I’m not actively playing the full game.

Red Dragon Inn 7 by SlugFest Games

RDIThe adventurers have all turned in for the night and it’s time to kick back and relax. After a long night of breaking up fights and kicking people out, it’s your turn to gamble, drink, and maybe get into a few fist fights of your own.

Why I’m excited: Red Dragon Inn is a huge hit in my house and this is a standalone game set in that universe. It can also be combined with the rest of the series to add the Wench, Molly the Stablehand, Jasper the Bouncer, and Warthorn Redbeard to the mix.

Set a Watch by Rock Manor Games

set aYour enemies are conspiring to resurrect the UnHallowed, whom you have just slain. Now it’s up to your party to go to the summoning locations and defeat this evil plot.

Why I’m excited: This game takes an interesting twist on taking watch. Instead of one player being on watch, one person must rest and take camp actions while everyone else fights off waves of monsters.

Century: Eastern Wonders by Plan B Games

lg-b-century-eastern-wonders-playmat-news-890-622It’s time to take to the high seas to secure the Spice Islands for your nation. For glory and profit!

Why I’m excited: This is the next installment of the Century series and adds the high seas. It can be combined with Century: Spice Road for a different gaming experience.

Fleecing Olympus by Passport Game Studio

olympusHades has convinced all the other gods and goddesses to challenge Zeus for the throne of Olympus.

Why I’m excited: It’s an epic dice battle for the fate of Olympus. You get to take on the persona of a deity and use their powers to influence your position to the throne. Plus Zeus needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

Wander: the Cult of Barnacle Bay by Panda Cult Games

wanderYou are playing one of the heroes trying to free the fishing town of Barnacle Bay from the clutches of Elder Bane.

Why I’m excited: It’s a fully co-operative, campaign driven, miniatures board game. You get loot from defeating monsters as well as leveling up. No two campaign adventure will play the same twice. What is there not to like?

Oceans by North Star Games

oceansThis is the sequel to Evolution and is completely stand alone. Like Evolution, you are evolving marine life, with new mechanisms and traits.

Why I’m excited: I love the idea of being able to make your own species with its own survival traits and that you will not play the same game twice.


Forbidden Sky by Gamewright

forbiddenYou’re playing as a team trying to connect a circuit of cables to launch a rocket off of a platform floating in the middle of a storm. Try not to get struck by lightning or blown off the platform.

Why I’m excited: This is the latest installment of the Forbidden series. It’s completely cooperative and lets you plot and plan the best mode of attack. I’ve enjoyed every one of the previous installments and can’t wait to see how this one ups the ante.

DC Spyfall by Cryptozoic Entertainment

dcThis game is all about clever answers and deduction. The Joker is trying to find out where the group is while the group is trying to blow the Joker’s cover. Each round, someone gets the Harley Quinn card and is trying to feed the Joker information about the group’s whereabouts, even if they don’t know who the Joker really is.

Why I’m excited: Epic replayability. There are two multiverse decks included, so you never know what earth you are on. And who doesn’t like games where you have to figure out who the Joker is? There are also super power cards that change up the game each round.

Greedy Kingdoms by Alderac Entertainment Group

greedyDo you have what it takes to collect the most resources and build your palaces? In this game, you are bluffing and trying to outwit your opponent to upgrade your kingdom. Use your heroes to defend your kingdom or go on the offensive and attack your opponent.

Why I’m excited: It’ a bluffing game with set collection I can play in 20 minutes. Need I say more?

What games are you excited for? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to stay tuned to Geek & Sundry for post-convention coverage including hands-on overviews of many great board games!

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Feature Image Credit: Panda Cult Games

Other Image credit: Gale Force Nine, Pandemonium Institute, Smirk & Laughter Games, SlugFest Games, Rock Manor Games, Plan B Games, Passport Game Studio, Panda Cult Games, North Star Games, Gamewright, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Alderac Entertainment Group

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