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Taming The Two-Headed Ogre: A Look at Heroes of the Storm’s Newest Warrior

They say that two heads are better than one, but is that true with Heroes of the Storm? Sometimes your team won’t listen to you. Imagine if the person not listening to you is the same one controlling your legs. We turned to the hero designer behind the newest champion to hit the arena to find out more about Cho’Gall, one character two people control at once.

Cho’Gall (one head responds to Cho while the other calls himself Gall) allows two players to possess one body. Cho takes the wheel as Gall plays as the side gunner for the team. You’ll need to jump into a regular game with your partner in tow. Players won’t be able to simply roam around in quick match waiting for someone to take a side seat to your Cho. But this works to your advantage since communication will be key in unleashing the full power of the ogre chieftain.

Let’s talk Cho first. You’re the kind of person who knows their way around the board. As a warrior, you can take a bit of damage and serve some up with your primary abilities. Surging Fist lets you dash in (or out) of groups of enemies. There’s a bit of a wind up at the beginning, so know that it’s going to take a second before you can throw that mighty right. Once you’re in the middle of a crowd, Consuming Blaze heats things up for everyone around you by dealing some area-of-effect damage. If you manage to ignite another hero, you’ll get a some heals as well. Rune Bomb rolls around and deals damage to anyone it passes through. Dealing even more damage will come from your wing-ogre, Gall.

Playing as Gall is like riding shotgun into battle, but you’re not allowed to touch the radio dial. As the assassin part of the body, you’ll be given the main damage dealing abilities. Shadow flame launches out with a dark blast of energy in a straight line, while Dread Orb bounces around three times to deliver its powerful punch. You can only use Runic Blast once the Ruin Bomb starts rolling. Activate it for a nasty blast to get rid of those smaller brats or scare off a bigger hero.

The heroic abilities really play into working together as each one requires you to let the other player know what’s going on before you hit the button. Cho’s Upheaval, for instance, pulls all the enemies towards you and damages them. Gall’s Twisting Nether creates an area of dark energy around you to slow and damage anyone who happens to get close. Use both at once and well… you don’t need two heads to figure out what happens next.

All this power comes with some responsibility. You play as one character, but you die like two with the enemy team getting double the XP for your head(s). Along with a bigger price on your noggins, you will always have two members of the team in the same lane which means one less person to soak up that sweet experience from other lanes.

Expect this hero to hit soon and start finding friends that you can depend on. Only one of you actually needs to own the character while the second player gets to ride along for free. Two heads may just be better than one when both of them can dish out a ton of damage.

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