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Talks MachinaTalks Machina

Talks Machina: WonderCon Critter Meet-Up Edition

Brian Wayne Foster takes to the streets or at least the busy sidewalks of WonderCon to turn the preverbal tables on the Talks Machina audience. Now, it’s your turn to answer the tough questions. Do you have what it takes? Do you know Critical Role better than these fans? Find out if you could earn a pin in this video.

(And yes, one of the answers may have changed since this was shot back in April. You’ll have to watch to find out which one.)

Talks Machina is the official Critical Role after/talk show hosted by writer and friend of the Critical Role cast, Brian Wayne Foster. The show features a unique and completely fan-centered format, with cast members, super-fans, and celebrity guests breaking down the week’s episode.

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery: Art of the Heist

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Critical Role One-Shot: Trinket’s Honey Heist