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Tal’Dorei Day is a Holiday By Critters For Critters

Tal’Dorei Day is a Holiday By Critters For Critters

If we told you that Shaun Gilmore was teaming up with Raishan the Deceiver, you probably wouldn’t believe us. And they’re not alone. Earthbreaker Groon, Kynan Leore, Jarrett Howarth, Taryon Darrington, and Doty are also part of this unlikely alliance, all joined together in one goal: To celebrate Critical Role.

The real people behind the Twitter accounts of Critical Role NPCs have banded together to organize Tal’Dorei Day this October. Tal’Dorei Day is an event “by Critters for Critters,” celebrating the release of Green Ronin’s Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting by encouraging everyone to play in Exandria for three days in October.

The idea began with Raishan, AKA Alm, who started with a simple idea. “I had been thinking that it would be really cool if there was a day or event where Critters could come together and all play D&D together since that’s something we all have in common,” Alm says. But he realized he didn’t have to go it alone.


Rather than teaming up with the Chroma Conclave, this Raishan reached out to similar Twitter accounts based on characters from Critical Role. “I sent out a group message explaining my idea and asking for their help,” says Alm. “I can’t explain in words how overwhelming it was to gain their immediate support.”

“We spoke at some length about what Tal’dorei Day would mean and how we wanted to handle it,” Shaun Gilmore recalls. Rather than over-plan or overload themselves with details, the group simply picked the dates and a hashtag. “The Critters did what they do best: took it and ran,” Gilmore says.

“Tal’Dorei Day itself is a way to thank the cast of Critical Role for sharing their game with all of us,” Alm says. “It’s a holiday that Critters can call their own.

“When I came up with the idea to organize this, it was just a way to play more D&D, honestly. But meeting the other Twitter NPC accounts made me realize that it’s so much more: It’s a way to get all the wonderful people who have supported Critical Role to interact and make new friends they never knew they had.”

“I love the idea of Tal’Dorei Day bringing Critters together to play in the world Matt has so graciously provided us,” Gilmore says.


Alm has been watching Critical Role for over a year, and the show and cast helped pull him through chronic depression. After falling in love with the show, he was inspired to pick up Dungeons & Dragons again. “Through Critical Role and D&D I found my way out of that depression and found a community of hugely supportive Critters there to help me,” he says.

“We love playing D&D, being NPCs, and we love Critical Role,” Gilmore says. “We just want to give back to the community that has allowed us to connect with so many amazing people, and let us play the roles of some of Tal’Dorei’s most legendary NPCs.”

Both Alm and Gilmore plan on playing on Tal’Dorei Day as Dungeon Masters on Roll20. “Roll20 is a great way for people from all over to play together,” says Gilmore.

All of the NPCs are working together to get the word out. Follow Tal’Dorei Day on Twitter and check the subreddit to find a group or volunteer to run a game in Exandria yourself.

“In a way, Tal’Dorei Day is my way of thanking Matt Mercer for teaching me to be a Dungeon Master, the rest of the cast for being so amazing, funny, and passionate, and the Critters themselves for being so caring,” says Alm.

Tal’Dorei Day is planned for October 13-16, 2017.

Special thanks to Alm, Gilmore, Craig, Leif, Laurel, and Drew for organizing Tal’Dorei Day.

Will you be playing on Tal’Dorei Day? Let everyone know in the comments below.

Featured Image: Colleen Frakes

Other Images: Joma Cueto and Geek & Sundry

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