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TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays HARBOUR w/ Matt Mercer, Nika Harper, and Kyle Newman!

Building your shipping empire isn’t easy. You want to gather as many resources as you can and sell at the right moment. The problem is everyone wants to do the same thing. Gather the right livestock and start visiting the right houses. We’re setting sail for Harbour by Tasty Minstrel Games!

Wil Wheaton, Matt Mercer, Nika Harper, and Kyle Newman go into the risky business of shipping goods on the high seas. With the waves crashing and the market doing the same, each of our players will need to sell when the time is right. Buildings give players powers to manipulate the market or take a couple of extra goods when they need it. But will they able to amass enough money to buy the buildings they need to score points and ultimately become the head of this Harbour? Find out by watching this week’s episode.

Also, why does the werewolf shepherd have an anchor?

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