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TableTop – Wil Wheaton and Melissa De Tora Play Star Realms

Star Realms by White Wizard Games pits your ever-growing deck of imperial fighters, star bases, and ships from across the galaxy against your opponent as you both trying to blast each other while buying better ships. You’ll need to be cunning, quick, and have a little luck when it comes to getting the ships you need at the right time. Leaning on one faction may give you more abilities, but you’ll need to sacrifice other opportunities to keep your ally abilities activated. Find out who will rule the galaxy in this episode of TableTop!

For the first time, Wil takes on a lone opponent in this two player game. In this game of deck design, resource management, and knowing how to draw the right cards; Wil might have just picked the perfect opponent with Melissa De Tora, Professional Magic Player. Will the host of the table fall to the pro or does Wil have more than an Ace up his sleeve? You’ll need to watch every battle just to find out on this week’s episode.

Catch all the previous episodes of TableTop on Geek & Sundry or head over to Project Alpha to watch the new episodes before anyone else. 

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