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TableTop: Mice and Mystics Part 1 with Anne Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton, and Nolan Kopp

For Part 1 of the TableTop Season 3 finale, Wil sits down with his family to play the tabletop RPG-in-a-box, Mice and Mystics. Anne, Ryan, and Nolan join Wil as they try to take back the castle in this all-inclusive and family friendly role playing game.

Mice and Mystics is a self contained role playing game which includes everything players need to run their own play-through, including player characters and encounters, as well as a base campaign. Mice and Mystics breaks down the campaign by chapter, with each chapter taking place on one game’s illustrated tiles where players have to complete certain objectives before being able to move on. Since the game contains everything you need to play the base campaign, including easy to understand character cards and game specific die, Mice and Mystics is a great way to introduce new players to RPGs without intimidating them.

Season 3 of TableTop is finally coming to an end, but don’t fret, Season 4 will here before you know it. What has been your favorite game so far and which games would you like to see played during Season 4? What games do you play with your family and friends to introduce them to tabletop gaming? Let us know in the comments below!

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