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TableTop: Wil Wheaton Plays The Fury of Dracula w/ Grant Imahara, Amy Okuda, & Ify Nwadiwe! Pt. 1

There’s a darkness looming over ancient Europe. Villagers are scared to leave their homes at night. Garlic and crosses hang over every door. There’s blood in the streets, hunters racing across the plains, and no one is safe from the shadows. Don’t go out without a wooden stake when Dracula is around.

Amy Okuda, Grant Imahara, and Ify Nwadiwe put on their detective gear along with as well as stock up on a couple of cloves of garlic as well as they hunt Wil in Fury of Dracula by Fantasy Flight Games. During each turn, our team of intrepid heroes will be traveling around all of Europe by road, train, and boat. Players gather equipment, dig up clues on the Prince of Darkness, and work together to take a stab at Dracula.

Wil gets to sneak around the countryside, undetected to the naked eye as he plots and schemes against the rest of the hunters. With every plan he succeeds in, the hunters lose a valuable resource while Dracula moves closer to victory. How do you fight off an enemy you cannot find? Will Wil have the victory trophy all to himself or will they need to split it three ways? Check out this first part of the adventure as we try to survive the Fury of Dracula.

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