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TableTop Extras: Top 10 Couples Board Games

With TableTop on hiatus for the next few months, and Titansgrave all wrapped up, some of you may be looking for your gaming video fix, just like I am. Well, you’re in luck! I came across this new channel on YouTube, where a charming guy, Actualol, presents game advice, reviews, and commentary in a supremely entertaining way.

His first video that caught my eye was this one about couples’ games. “What games should I play with my partner?” is the single most frequently asked question I get when people talk to me about tabletop games, and now I can point them to this video which is both informative and entertaining to watch.

I’ll add a couple of my own games to this list:

Hive Think of this as a game of chess where you create the board with beetles, ants, and other insects you wouldn’t want to see at a picnic. The object of the game is to surround your opponent’s queen bee while keeping yours safe. You do this by using your various insect pieces to swarm her. Every turn, you get a choice to either bring one of your pieces into the game or move one that’s already on the board. Bringing in a piece means adding it to an ever growing hive of insects and adding complexity to the board. Moving a piece can be just as tricky with each insect having its own way to move. Try a couple of games of it. You will bee-live in Hive soon enough.

Magic: The Gathering I know that you are familiar with the game, but hear me out. Magic: TGC is a great game for couples for many reasons. You can easily pick up a two-player pack everything you need for you and your special someone. It’s a game that can be played on various levels and skill sets. And every game gives you something a little bit different even if you’re playing with the same deck. A single game won’t take you too long to get through and you’ll be shuffling through a second game before finishing a cup of coffee.

Takenoko You’ve seen us play it on TableTop, but that was with four people. With a duo, however, every move and nibble of the bamboo quickly tips the scales in one direction or another. Think before you act in this game as what could help you score points could actually play into your opponent’s plan. With the bright colors and nature theme of the game, losing to your beloved won’t feel too bad – but winning will feel so much better.

Enjoy, and play more games!


Feature Image Credit: Takenoko/Asmodee

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