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TableTop – Dragon Farkle With Derek Mio, Neil Grayston, and Brandon Routh

This week we throw our fortune and handful of dice into the wind as we play Dragon Farkle by Z-Man Games. There’s a dragon in town, and he’s not just here because he has tickets to Hamilton. Burning, stomping, and eating villagers; the dragon is really up to no good and it’s up to our players to stop him. By rolling dice and making sets, our team will be assembling their soldiers to send after the dragon. A bad roll could mean keeping you sidelined or getting your troops eaten before they even see the field of battle. Everyone wants the dragon to leave, but only one will be able to slay the beast.

Derek Mio, Neil Grayston, Brandon Routh, and Wil Wheaton take to the table to roll some bones and ready the troops. Everyone gets an ally, a secret magic item, and sweaty palms as try press their luck with every roll. Now all you need is an army to face down the dragon – or simply spend your days rolling nothing good. Guess which one happened to Wil and the rest of the guests? Who will win? Who will jump into battle with their army or jump in alone? Find out everything on this episode of TableTop!

Are you still holding hot coffee in your bare hands? Silly person, you need those hands to play board games. Head over to the Geek & Sundry shop to pick up the official TableTop Mug.


Watch previous seasons of TableTop here! You can catch brand new episodes of TableTop over on Alpha.

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