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TableTop Day Travels Around the World in 80 Meeples (And With Your Help)

TableTop Day Travels Around the World in 80 Meeples (And With Your Help)

International TableTop Day is almost here! People from across the globe will be putting aside their differences for one day to pick up a pair of dice and compete, or cooperate, with their fellow player in any number of board games. And wherever you go this year, know that hundreds of thousands of other people will also be pulling cards, putting meeples to work, and agonizing over their next turn just like you.

Just how big is International TableTop Day? If you remember from our last article, there will be events being held from one corner of the world to the other, all thanks to homegrown community organizers as well as friendly local game stores. Head on over to to find the closest event happening near you, whether by the community map or the searchable retailer database. You may just be surprised how many events are happening around the world in just one day.

Want to school your opponents in Norway? This group is holding their Tabletop Day in a school gym with local game developers invited to play with some of their biggest fans.

Think you might be out of luck and not able to make it to TableTop Day this year? Head over to the city that know all about luck, Las Vegas, to participate in the event happening the week after. Better yet, have two TableTop Days this year. It’s better than two Arbor Days.

From Cananda to Croatia and from Sweden to South Africa, the world will be playing with you come April 30th. So start working on your master strategies or pick up a new game to try out- International TableTop Day is not just the biggest event around town, but the biggest event in the world. Check out just some of the other participating events below or head over to to find one near you.

Are you a retailer that wants to throw an official ITTD event? Click here! Are you a gaming group, library, or other community hub that wants to create an event? Click HERE! Act fast, submissions will be closing Friday, April 29th, 8pm PST.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to need to find a table that seats a hundred thousand people. And chairs. We’re going to need a ton of chairs.

Helsinki, Finland
Hörsalen, Sweden
Johannesburg, South Africa
Hyderabad, India (First ever ITTD in Hyderabad)
Mumbai, India
Southern California – Fullerton
Monterrey, Mexico
Split, Croatia
Manassas, Virginia
Gardner, Kansas
Erba, Italy
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Las Vegas, NV
Arendal, Norway
Istanbul, Turkey
Santos, Brazil
Bergen, Ireland
Dasmariñas, Philippines
Bilbao, Spain
Bydgoszcz, Poland
Tehran, Iran
Budapest, Hungary
Cork, Ireland
Guateng, South Africa
Lviv, Ukraine

Where is the closest event happening near you this year? Let us know in the comment section below. We want this to be the biggest International TableTop Day yet!

Feature Image Credit: François Philipp – Flickr: A Game Of Thrones

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