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TableTop: Champions of Midgard with Marisha Ray, Chris Kluwe, and Alison Haislip

Chris Kluwe, Marisha Ray, and Alison Haislip have their mead and battle axes ready, because on this episode of TableTop, Wil Wheaton and friends are playing Champions of Midgard.

In an attempt to earn the most Glory (this game’s version of Victory Points) and become the new Jarl of Midgard, players choose a viking leader and engage in a game of worker placement and resource management as they simultaneously try to defend their port town and sail into the unknown to fight monstrosities abroad. A player’s chosen viking leader and hidden Destiny card will help direct their strategy as they try to accumulate glory while avoiding Blame for not defending the town from the likes of Trolls, Draugr, and other creatures of legend.

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Watch previous seasons of TableTop here! You can catch brand new episodes of TableTop over on ALPHA starting November 23rd and here on Geek & Sundry early next year.

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