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TableTop and King of the Castle Games to Produce Themed Campaign Coins

TableTop and King of the Castle Games to Produce Themed Campaign Coins

Is your RPG session losing a bit of its sparkle? Could you use something to help out just about any game you bring to the table? Looking for something a little stronger than card board to get you through your late night gaming sessions? Then, you’re in luck.

King of the Castle Games Company announced today that it has signed a licensing agreement with Geek & Sundry to release metal gaming coins based on TableTop, the popular web series hosted by Wil Wheaton. The coins have been designed by Daniel Solis and are now available for direct order as part of the Campaign Coins range.

On TableTop, Wil Wheaton invites his friends to share witty banter, cheeky camaraderie, and curated board games bi-weekly. Pairing familiar geek faces with a healthy mix of classic games and highly anticipated new tabletop games, TableTop is one of the most engaging shows to watch week after week. TableTop screens on Alpha and YouTube.

“On TableTop, Wil and his friends show what is so wonderful about board gaming: getting together and having fun,” said Campaign Coins brand manager Mark Morrison. “Adding metal coins to the mix adds an extra level of immersion. It’s the way they clink!”

The TableTop coin artwork by game designer and graphic artist Daniel Solis features classic board game motifs, and is intended to accompany any board game regardless of genre. The coins have clear denominations and sizes, and stack flat for ease of play. The copper 1-coin features a meeple, the silver 5-coin a hand of cards, the bronze 20-coin boasts a D20 (of course), and the mighty 100-gold coin shows a table set out with a board game. The reverse sides of all coins feature the popular TableTop logo. Like all Campaign Coins, they combine fine detail with a high-quality antique finish.

“Daniel is such a wonderful designer, and Campaign Coins are so beautifully crafted,” said Wil Wheaton. “I’m just thrilled to have them coming together to make something special for TableTop fans.”

“We love TableTop, so we wanted these to be our best coins yet”, said Morrison. “We can’t wait to see them in the hands of fellow fans all around the world.”

TableTop coins are now available for direct order on

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