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The Game Hub

9800 Hwy 53 Lower Lake, Ca 95457
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Located in a secluded area of the Northern California wine country, we at The Game Hub have striven to be the best possible hobby store we can imagine, creating a welcoming, friendly environment for geeks of all flavor. We host events nearly every night of the week, and our open tables are used daily by our regulars for card, board, miniature and roleplaying games. Since opening in 2010, we’ve introduced hundreds of people to the wonderful world of tabletop gaming and comic books, and we’ve filled the growing desire of existing geeks by adding more and more products to the space inside our walls.

We’ve been recognized multiple times for our renovations, featuring our floor tiled with cards from dozens of card games. We received a feature article from Wizards of the Coast with our first floor covering (, and we rented out the neighboring unit and had a large expansion that won us the Best Renovation award for 2015 from Game Trade Magazine, including another 17,000 worth of cards inlaid into the floor (

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