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Surviving in Westeros: Who Has What it Takes?

Surviving in Westeros: Who Has What it Takes?

The time has come! Got your bags packed for Westeros yet? Game of Thrones is coming back and we all know what that means…no one is safe. If there’s anything Game of Thrones has taught us as television viewers, it’s that no characters are never granted immunity. Anybody and everybody is fair game for a brutal send-off. That’s part of what makes the show such a compelling and gut-wrenching rollercoaster ride, week after week. All good warriors must meet their end, the show teaches us. But who could survive the tough and deadly world of Westeros and the war for the Iron Throne? We take a look at some of the toughest and most badass characters from pop culture who might just have what it takes to endure in George R. R. Martin’s playground. Just for fun, we’ll also imagine the Houses they would best represent.

Daryl Dixon
daryl dixon
Who better to fight off an army of white walkers, than the deadly sharpshooting bow man from AMCs, The Walking Dead? If there’s anybody who can survive in, arguably, the most deadly land on TV, Daryl Dixon is the man to do it. He’s proven his skills with a crossbow time and time again, not to mention his hand to hand combat and smarts on the battlefield, but Daryl’s greatest skill is his survival instinct. Disputably, Daryl is probably one of the few people on The Walking Dead who could still survive on his own, without the support of a group. His deadly aim and sharp wit make a great argument for Daryl’s survival in Westeros. House: Stark

Westeros might be a bit different than a Weyland-Yutani spacecraft, but Ripley is not going to go down without a fight. She’s a survivor, and has taken on much more intimidating threats than a mere armored soldier or knight. Queen Cersei doesn’t even compare to an Alien Queen. White walkers…how about a flamethrower? Dragons? If they don’t have acid blood, Ripley can take ‘em. Simply put, Ripley is one of the toughest, strongest, and most cunning women in sci-fi history, so there’s absolutely no reason she wouldn’t find a way to survive in George R. R. Martin’s world. House: Greyjoy

Tony Stark
tony stark
If there’s one thing we know about the world of the Song of Ice and Fire series, it’s that anything is possible. Magic, espionage, war…maybe even science could play a part. Why not bring in Marvel’s proven leader and science whiz, Tony Stark? Not only does he share a last name with a few of our favorite characters, but he also has the will and the strength to adapt and create in times of need. Yes, his supplies and resources might be limited in Westeros, but Tony Stark would still find a way to develop some toys to use on the battlefield. House: Stark

Lara Croft
lara croft
Who better to explore the unknown lands of the North, or the deadly deserts across the sea? Lara Croft is a demonstrated voyager, a deadly fighter, and a resourceful survivor. If you need more evidence, check out her latest ventures. Marooned on a deadly island, Lara used her wits and knowledge to prevail, and her time in Westeros would be no different. House: Greyjoy

How do you argue against a proven survivor and killer like, Dutch Shaefer? He singlehandedly took down a Predator, one of the universe’s greatest hunters, and did it all in style. Not only is he strong, but he’s smart too. Whether it’s a White Walker, a Dragon, or the King’s army, Dutch has a great shot at coming out on top. He is a perfect example of what one man is capable of doing to save his own skin. House: Baratheon

If there is one thing that a zombie apocalypse proves, it’s who the best survivors are. Joining this list of strong characters is Alice, from the Resident Evil franchise. There’s no denying her persistence and will to live. She’s been to hell and back on her quest for survival, and there is no way this fighter is going to let the land of Westeros get in her way. House: Tully

Frank Underwood
frank underwood
Survival isn’t always about strength and fighting skills. Sometimes all you need is a cunning mind, a silver tongue, and a merciless desire for power. Frank Underwood doesn’t need to fight his way to safety. He merely needs to secure his position as King. If there’s anything we’ve learned from House of Cards, it’s that Frank Underwood never loses sight of the end goal and is willing to get his hands dirty if needed. If there’s anyone who can connive, strategize, and leverage their way to the top of the food chain in King’s Landing, it’s Frank. House: Lannister

Sarah Connor
sarah connor
Whether she’s fighting against them or alongside them, Sarah Connor has made it clear that a Terminator is no match for her will to survive. This girl is tough. Who better to fight their way through the brutal land of Westeros? Not sure if her son, John, can send any help across Universes, but a killer robot sidekick wouldn’t hurt either. Also, her resemblance to a certain Mother of Dragons might be a huge advantage. House: Arryn

Han Solo
han solo
There aren’t many guys who can say they’ve had an intergalactic bounty placed on their heads and survived to tell the tale. Han Solo knows what it takes to escape death and come out on top. Even when he’s captured, he still manages to survive. He’s got a great shot and is a proven fighter, so even if he’s pinned down he can fight his way out. It might not be the same as having Jabba the Hut aiming for his head, but we’re pretty sure Han can manage to escape a Lannister bounty. House: Martell

It’s all for fun, but we have to think that, if possible, these characters would all stand a fighting chance in the harsh world of Game of Thrones.  If you have any ideas for who else might be able to survive in Westeros, let us know in the comments section below!

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