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Supernatural’s Best Guest Stars

Supernatural’s Best Guest Stars

Supernatural has been on for ten seasons now. While the show’s action and adventure as well as the incredibly attractive lead characters are certainly part of what makes the show amazing, a huge part of Supernatural‘s success comes from its characters. While the relationship between brothers Sam and Dean Winchester is certainly the foundation of the show, any member of the fandom will tell you family–especially the Supernatural family–don’t end in blood. If the Winchesters are the foundation of Supernatural, then those individuals the Winchesters meet along the way are what give the show color and life.

Obviously, ten years is a long time, so there have been quite a few guest stars along the way. There are those recurring characters we all love (or love to hate) Crowley, Anna, Meg, Kevin, Ruby, Abaddon, Chuck, Lucifer, Gadreel, Bobby, and the list goes on. Whether they were always an integral part of the plot like Bobby, Kevin, or Lucifer, or if they’re like Castiel and managed to move from guest star to recurring character to series regular, those recurring characters get a lot of airtime in the fandom. Sure, those guys are amazing (or amazingly awful, depending on who we’re talking about), but this show also has featured some pretty amazing guest stars. Some were only in one episode, some were in a few more, but regardless of the time they spent with the Winchesters, they made a lasting impact. So let’s give those guest stars a bit of airtime. Here are some of my favorites:

Layla (Julie Benz)
layla supernatural
Layla was briefly a part of the Winchester’s lives, but she was the first one to really get Dean thinking about that whole “who deserves to live, who deserves to die” thing. Of course he would only have to think about it more after his dad’s “transaction” with the yellow-eyed demon (it’s literally been decade, but I’m avoiding spoilers in case you’re new to Supernatural), but his interactions with Layla are his first real encounters with being spared while someone else suffers in his place.

Bela (Lauren Cohan)
bela talbot supernatural
Before she kicked Walker ass, Lauren Cohan had a run on Supernatural as the crafty thief, Bela. She wasn’t a particularly nice person, but she proved to be a formidable foe for the Winchesters while also maintaining an awkward, uncomfortable friendship with the boys. Sadly, we only get a brief peek into her back-story (which also shows her striking up a deal with a Crossroads Demon–not good, Bela), but she seemed like she had a pretty interesting story that led her to her life as a high-class thief and dealer of supernatural artifacts. I really wish we had gotten to see more of that before her deal came due.

Ash (Chad Lindberg)
ash supernatural
Oh, Ash. You are as majestic as that fantastic that Tennessee Tophat you’re rocking. Ash worked at Harvelle’s Roadhouse, and also happened to be a computer genius. He wasn’t on the show for long, but in the short time he had on the show, Ash managed to create a program that helped the boys track demonic activity across the country as they searched for the yellow-eyed demon. He was also hilariously lovable–even when he forgot to put on pants.

Sheriff Donna (Briana Buckmaster)
sheriff donna supernatural
Sheriff Donna is one of the sweetest officers of the law out there. She’s a devoted civil servant, and and all-around great character. She was a hoot on her first appearance on the show, but now that she has been clued her in to the world of the supernatural and become friends with Sheriff Jody, she’s one of my favorite faces to see appear in Supernatural episodes. Let me tell you, if they make the Supernatural spin-off focus on Donna and Jody’s adventures together, I’d totally watch that.

Garth (DJ Qualls)
garth supernatural
Garth, a hunter/puppet master, is one of the most lovable hunters ever invented. While he’s intelligent, his strength really doesn’t lie in field work. He’s a hugger who makes friends easily, but he isn’t a terribly strong asset when it comes to battling monsters. For a brief time, the show seemed to be setting Garth up to be Bobby 2.0, but ended up taking his story a bit into left field by giving him an “ailment” (trying to avoid spoilers) to deal with. I’ll be honest (because Mr. Fizzles knows when you’re lying), I don’t really care where they take his story. I just want more Garth on my Supernatural.

Death (Julian Richings)
Death Supernatural
Guys, this fandom is weird. We like characters we shouldn’t like Crowley (King of Hell), Lucifer, and even Death itself. Death is a smart-ass horseman of the apocalypse who has a thing for pizza (who doesn’t) and doesn’t have time to deal with Winchester shenanigans. Despite being the personification of death, he found a way to endear himself to the stone cold pack of weirdos that is the Supernatural fandom. Maybe it’s the love of pizza, maybe it’s his wit, or maybe it’s his respect for the boys and all they’ve been through. Regardless, Death’s appearances on the show were absolutely memorable. I’d say I’d love to see him again, but I feel like another appearance of Death wouldn’t be a great thing for Sam and Dean.

Sheriff Jody (Kim Rhodes)
sheriff jody supernatural
Sheriff Jody is one of my favorite characters from the whole of Supernatural characters. Much like the Winchesters, she suffered horrific pain and loss due to supernatural creatures. Still, she manages to get up every morning and serve her community as sheriff, and she even hunts on the side when a situation arises. The boys trust her implicitly when it comes to hunting, and she even managed to gently explain the world of the monstrous supernatural to her new bestie, Sheriff Donna, in a way that didn’t drive Donna to insanity. She still love others, despite her personal losses, treating the boys as pseudo sons (and she isn’t afraid to use her mom voice when they won’t take care of themselves), and actually adopting a teenage daughter. Sheriff Jody is just the best.

The Ghostfacers (Travis Wester and AJ Buckley)
Ghostfacers Supernatural
A pair of amateur ghost hunters, the Ghostfacers manage to cross paths with the Winchesters when they inadvertently stumble onto an actual haunting. They have big dreams of making it big with their show, Ghostfacers, but are laughably incompetent when it comes to actual hunting. Of course, because they’ve hunted with Sam and Dean, they’ve actually encountered the supernatural (they also accidentally created a supernatural entity once). However, Sam and Dean are always quick to destroy any Ghostfacers footage of actual ghosts.  Someday the Ghostfacers will receive the recognition they deserve. Someday…

Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) 
Gabriel Supernatural
Gabriel (aka Loki/Trickster) will always have a special place in the heart of the Supernatural family. He manages to thrust the boys into ridiculous situations (like reliving the same day over and over or being trapped in a literal TV land), and he also proves himself to be quite the brave fighter. True to Trickster form, he’s not made it 100% clear if he is dead or alive, so any appearance on Supernatural is always a fun surprise. Here’s hoping we see a bit more of this goofball in the last few episodes of season 10.

Charlie (Felicia Day)
Charlie Supernatural
Speaking of fun appearances, Charlie is, without a doubt, my favorite guest character on Supernatural, and she’s played by Geek & Sundry’s own Felicia Day. While I totally want a Sheriffs Donna and Jody spin-off, I also really, really want a Charlie spin-off. Charlie has managed to have one of the craziest journeys of character development, going from an awkward programmer who simply wanted to not get eaten by her leviathan boss, to a badass who travels to Oz and shake things up as a hunter. Charlie is sweet and funny, but she also is brave and selfless. She wins the heart of Sam and Dean, becoming the “little sister they never wanted”, and has gotten Dean into her geeky interests. Watching Charlie and Dean geek out together in the LARPing episode is one of my favorite things ever. While Charlie and Dean are definitely one of my top BroTPs, her last appearance didn’t end incredibly well as Mark-of-Cain-Dean went nuts and hurt Charlie. Of course he did what he could to make amends, but there’s undoubtedly going to be a rift between the two of them. I’m so excited to see what happens on her appearance on Supernatural–which just so happens to be TODAY!

Narrowing this list down was incredibly hard, because there are just so many awesome characters that have made appearances on Supernatural. So who are some of your favorite guest star on Supernatural that aren’t on this list (Lisa? Ben? Krissy? Gordon? Madison? Balthazar? Someone else entirely?)? Let me know in the comments!

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