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Supernatural Everyday Cosplay

Supernatural Everyday Cosplay

Supernatural characters all have very distinctive looks. Maybe they aren’t dressing in period costumes or strange outfits from galaxies beyond our own, but it’s easy to identify a Supernatural character from their signature style. The Winchesters have their plaid, Castiel has his trench coat, Crowley has his black suit, and the list goes on. While attempting to do an all-out cosplay for a character from Supernatural isn’t terribly challenging, it can be nice to put a bit more of a “normal life” spin onto the looks worn by our favorite hunters, monsters, and everything in between. To help you start saving people and hunting things in your everyday life, I’ve pulled together a few everyday cosplay looks that can help get you in the Winchester spirit.

Not caught up on Supernatural? Don’t worry, this post is spoiler-free!


Sam’s look is a simple one: comfortable, manageable, and easy to chase down monsters in. While you can go and get yourself an anti-possession tattoo if you’re interested in making a long-term commitment, it might be better–at least for your first Sam everyday cosplay–to just wear an anti-possession necklace rather than permanently inking your skin. But, you know, your choice.

Everyday Sam Winchester


This is outfit a more “classic Dean” look. Sadly, we don’t see him sporting this big leather coat or the “Samulet” anymore, but this is still one of the most recognizable outfits of Dean’s. I took a bit of a different spin on the Samulet and the Colt in this genderbent Dean look, but just couldn’t manage to include an actual 1967 Chevy Impala with the outfit. Sorry about that.

Everyday Dean Winchester


Castiel’s style is thanks 100% to his vessel, Jimmy. Jimmy’s got a pretty low-key business style that is inexplicably built from the toughest, most stain-resistant clothes in the world. Seriously, we’ve only watched Cas do laundry once. Does angel grace also keep your clothes clean? I digress… The fact is, this outfit is the perfect way to bring some Castiel style to your everyday. Magic angel stain resistance not included.

Everyday Castiel


How could we not include Charlie in this list? She’s one of our favorites on Supernatural, and an honorary Winchester. Charlie’s style is very low-key and comfy, and this gender bent look is no exception. It’s perfect for working in the IT department for Dick Roman, or chasing down leviathans or any other monsters standing in your way, but you’ll probably need to change it up to become the noble ruler of Moondor.

Everyday Charlie Bradbury


What better way to face your day than to go dressed as the King of Hell himself? Not only will this look strike fear into the heart of the masses, but in it you can be sure that you’ll deserve to be looooved. Just watch out for Knights of Hell and Scottish witches trying to usurp your throne and you should be just fine. Extra points for greeting people with your best Crowley, “Hallo, boys.”

Everyday Crowley


Not only is she arguably the most important car in the world, but the Impala serves as a home and almost a silent family member to the Winchester boys. The Impala is tough; she’s taken quite a few beatings over the years, but she keeps on running. This look even has you covered with a license plate patch and a cassette tape cell phone case. Extra points for drawing Sam and Dean’s initials on your skin (please don’t carve their initials into your flesh) and sticking a lego and an army man in your pocket.

Everyday Impala

Who are some of your favorite characters from Supernatural? Have you ever done ever done Supernatural everyday cosplay? Tell us about it in the comments, and be sure to check us out on Polyvore
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