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Superhero Playlist: Ant-Man

Superhero Playlist: Ant-Man

Hey there, music and comic book lovers! Time to get microscopic with this week’s Superhero Playlist.  We’re paying tribute to Marvel’s littlest hero, Ant-Man. With a huge blockbuster movie coming out this week, we just had to put together our list of songs that fit with Scott Lang’s story.  For this skilled thief who winds up possessing one of the most powerful super-suits known to man, we think you’ll like some of our choices this week.  Sit back, relax, and shrink down with us as we blast some of our favorite Ant-Man hits.

blink 182

Image Credit: Denny Lester/Wikimedia Commons

All the Small Things, Blink-182, 1999

No brainer here, but it’s worth noting that Ant-Man can interact with his environment in different ways than your typical superhero.  Everything takes a different shape almost when you’re small. A vinyl record becomes a series of speed bumps, a thimble of water is a swimming pool, and a toy train becomes a steam engine.  Ant-Man’s adaptability needs to be ready no matter what.  When he’s small, all the small things are much, much, bigger.

elton john

Image Credit: Yabosid/Wikimedia Commons

Tiny Dancer, Elton John, 1972

Tony Danza jokes aside, this one’s another perfect fit for our Ant-Man playlist.  While the lyrics don’t really reflect Scott Lang’s story too much, we still think it stands strong on our list.  Heck, maybe you could argue that it could be more of a Wasp song.

janes addiction

Image Credit: Stuart Sevastos/Wikimedia Commons

Been Caught Stealin, Jane’s Addiction, 1990

You didn’t think this playlist would only have songs about small stuff, did you?  We broadened our scope a little bit, and threw in this song as a tribute to Scott Lang’s days as a master thief.  As you’ll see in the movie and in the comics, Scott is driven into the thieving life in order to take care of his daughter, Cassie.  In the film, Hank Pym catches Scott with his Ant-Man suit and gives him the opportunity to choose between a life of vigilantism or prison.  Lucky for us, Scott takes the more exciting way out.

randy newman

Image Credit: Timothy White/Rolling Stone

Short People, Randy Newman, 1977

“Short people got no reason to live.”  We’d like to argue with Randy Newman for a bit on that one.  Ant-Man is certainly an exception to this rather blunt opinion.  As his experiences as a superhero take him down the path of righteousness, Scott Lang proves his worth and his heroism despite his lack of size.  He even earns a well-deserved spot with the Avengers.

dionne warwick

Image Credit: Allan Warren/Wikimedia Commons

I Say a Little Prayer, Dionne Warwick, 1967

Sometimes, even the greatest heroes can get into nearly inescapable situations.  When Ant-Man gets to that point of fight or flight, we’d like to think that he says a little prayer before he makes his heroic final effort. And when we say little prayer…we mean a little prayer.

elliott smith

Image Credit: Alexis/Wikimedia Commons

Needle in the Hay, Elliot Smith, 1995

“He’s wearing your clothes, head down to toes…” Take a minute to take this one in.  It’s a pretty somber song, but it really fits our playlist rather well when you think of it.  Hank Pym’s search for a new Ant-Man led him to Scott Lang, a lovable misfit with a heart of gold.  The search must have been a difficult one, almost like finding a needle in a haystack.


Image Credit: Mickey Sanker/Wikipedia

I Wanna Be Somebody, W.A.S.P., 1984

Alright, we might have picked this one out purely for the name of the band, but there’s some more assessment we can get to with this one.  We all know Ant-Man’s connection to The Wasp, but when you break down the lyrics it really fits with Scott Lang’s story quite well.  “I wanna be somebody, be somebody soon.”

notorious big

Image Credit: Goodfella Media

Big Poppa, The Notorious B.I.G., 1994

Everyone knows that Ant-Man can shrink, but if you’re not a frequent comic book reader, then you might not know that Ant-Man is also Giant Man.  That’s right, he also has the power to grow in size, even becoming several stories tall. After all of those short jokes, we think Scott might like it if we call him Big Poppa.

dave matthews band

Image Credit: Moses/Wikimedia Commons

Ants Marching, Dave Matthews Band, 1995

In this writer’s honest opinion, you can’t help but feel happy when listening to Dave Matthews and his band.  “When all the little ants are marching, red and black antennas waving. They all do it the same. They all do it the same way.”  Ant-Man’s got a core group of trusty fighters at his side, and no, we aren’t talking about the Avengers this time.  Ant-Man’s most reliable friends are the ants that come to help him whenever he’s in need.  It’s a safe guess that we’ll be seeing lots of these little creatures in the theater this weekend.

alien ant farm

Image Credit: Relux/Flickr

Smooth Criminal, Alien Ant Farm, 2001

Despite having a great band name, when Alien Ant Farm decided to cover Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” they probably didn’t realize how big of a hit it would become.  It fits with Scott Lang’s story perfectly.  We like to think that Scott still likes to think of himself as a smooth criminal, in some ways.  We’re hoping that when he’s out in battle, he’s thinking “You’ve been hit by / you’ve been struck by / a smooth criminal.”

Well, another Superhero Playlist is in the bag, and there’s plenty more on the way! What did you think of our Ant-Man playlist?  Did we miss one you were looking for? Want to see your favorite superhero get their own playlist? Let us know in the comments!  Enjoy Ant-Man in theaters Friday, July 17th!

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