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Summer Camp Meets A Wizard LARP for Teens At Providence Preparatory Academy

Summer Camp Meets A Wizard LARP for Teens At Providence Preparatory Academy

Geeks come in all sizes and shapes—and also age brackets: From the grandma who destroys everyone in PokemonGo to your niece who is writing Sailor Moon fanfiction. So it’s always cool when we discover something that is catering to a different bracket. LARPs (mostly) are not kid-friendly. Logistics of traveling and camping aside, the game themes often cater to a higher age range. Enter the Providence Preparatory: Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts, AKA: Wizard School.

Combining the best parts of summer camp (being away from parents for a few days) and minimizing the bad parts (being stuck in the blazing hot sun); this LARP combines the two for our geekier offspring. With open slots for around 150 young adults, they will live out their fantasy of being a wizard in magic school.

In the actual game, players will play students from each of the Four Courts: Bradford, Hutchinson, Williams, and Morton. Students will compete and earn points for their court by attending magical courses in alchemy, magical combat, magical law & jurisprudence, runic magic, technomancy, and more. Hell, they even have a formal Wizard Ball in your finest regalia. To the victors go the spoils and winning court earn the Providence Cup.

This years LARP for Magischola is held on the historic grounds of the Swarthmore College. The camp will be enhanced with their team of scenographers, set designers, and lighting/sound designers to create a magical experience. Air-conditioned dormitories are a plus, and the package for the LARP includes all meals and lodging. The event ties to its longer running sister of the Magischola semester events (most of which are east coast or Poland.) One of Geek & Sundry’s own Rebekah Kibodeaux even covered her experiences at one. If successful, I hope the team opens the LARP and hosts in different areas across the nation, which is thematically appropriate based on the world backstory of nationwide witchcraft schools.

LearnLarp mission is to create high production value LARPs that are safe, fun, and unforgettable. Parents may have their own concerns (because they’re parents) about sending off their kids to a weeklong camp. So it’s important to note that this event is certified by the state of Pennsylvania and the entire production is put on by experienced educators and camp counselors. In addition, the team consulting on the LARP has also put on the Harry Potter College of Wizardry and Fairweather Manor LARPs. If you like to LARP yourself, you can apply (and get paid) to help run the event or even be a professor.

Magic School

The hard details for the event are as follows:

Who: Rising 6th-12th graders from around the US and world
When: July 23rd-29th for students entering grades 9-12
July 30th-August 5th for students entering grades 6-8
Where: Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Registration: Magischola Prep

When I was a kid, I wish I could’ve gone to wizard school for a week, take magical classes, encounter villains, go to a wizard ball, and save the world.

Have you guys heard of any other hybrid camp / LARPs or other immersion LARP’s that cater to young adults? Or are you a regular Magischola attendee? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: LearnLarp

Image Credits: Magischola

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