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Studying up for Jurassic World: A Timeline of Events from the Original Trilogy

Studying up for Jurassic World: A Timeline of Events from the Original Trilogy

As you prepare the utter awesomeness that Jurassic World is sure to be, make sure that if you haven’t at least brushed up on your Jurassic-knowledge, you browse through this timeline. In case you can’t get a chance to watch all of the movies before Jurassic World comes out on June 12, exactly 22 years after the original band of survivors escaped the island. One thing that most people don’t realize, is how short the time-coverage of each film really is.  In fact, most of the films only seem to cover about 2 or 3 days worth of actual story, minus the expositional scenes.  So allow us to break each film down into a singular timeline, so you’ll be ready…to survive.

jurassic park 1

Early June, 1993

A Jurassic Park employee is killed by a velociraptor during transport. This triggers a wave of events that will end up ultimately changing the future of the park forever. Shortly after, Gennaro, a lawyer/inspector sent on behalf of the Jurassic Park investors, heads to the amber mines to meet with John Hammond, the park’s founder…to find that Hammond is not there, but rather back in the States to be with his daughter. Gennaro says that the investors are worried about safety concerns, following the raptor attack. His investors have requested Dr. Alan Grant be approached to be an endorser.

jurassic park 2

June 7, 1993

John Hammond reaches out to Dr. Grant, Ellie Satler, and Ian Malcolm, asking them to come and endorse his newest project. Their approval would grant him the green-light to continue progress on Jurassic Park and get him one step closer to opening the park to the public. Despite their disinterest and disbelief, he is able to offer them money for their research that they’d be crazy to turn down.

jurassic park 3
June 8, 1993

Dennis Nedry, an IT worker involved with the security of Jurassic Park, meets with a representative from an outside party interested in stealing the dinosaur embryos that InGen is growing in their labs. He agrees.

jurassic park 4

June 11, 1993

The endorsement team arrives to Isla Nublar via helicopter. Dr. Grant and Ellie are introduced to Ian Malcolm, a “chaotitian” who believes that everything eventually turns to chaos. According to his belief, “Life…uh…finds a way.” After receiving a quick tour of the facilities, they are introduced to Tim and Lex Murphy, Hammond’s grandchildren who are visiting the island. As the group begins an automated tour of the park, things start to go haywire as the weather begins to change. As dinosaurs start escaping from their exhibits, and crooked employees start to sabotage certain security measures, the group is split up at the most inopportune time: directly in front of the largest Dino exhibit in the park. Gennaro is killed, Malcolm wounded, and Alan, Tim, and Lex are stranded after a Tyrannosaurus Rex attacks their cars and leaves the group greatly shaken. Ellie later tracks down Malcolm and they head back to the main hub to try and restore power to the park with Hammond.

jurassic park 5

June 12, 1993

Alan, Tim, and Lex finally reach the fences, where Tim gets an shocking surprise. Ellie is able to restore power, but not without first struggling to escape a pack of velociraptors. Tim and Lex get chased through the kitchens by the pack of raptors, but manage to lock one in the freezer and escacpe. The group reunites, and as they are leaving the T-Rex saves them by battling the raptors in the main hall.

jurassic park 6

Between 1993 & 1997

Deconstruction on Jurassic Park begins. The dinosaurs on Isla Sorna are released into the wild, the motive behind this being that the dinosaurs NEED a frequent injection of vitamins and hormones in order to survive. Without those injections being administered, the dinosaurs will die off.

jurassic park 11

Early May, 1997

The Bowman family visits the island of Isla Sorna for vacation. Their daughter Cathy is attacked by a pack of “Compys”, or Compsognathus. This triggers worry among the investors of Ingen, who have secretly known that the dinosaurs are flourishing on the island, despite their lack of injections. Seeing John Hammond unfit to manage their operations, they appoint Peter Ludlow, Hammond’s nephew, as the new head of their organization.

jurassic park 8

May 23, 1997

John Hammond meets with Ian Malcolm to discuss a plan to send an expedition to Isla Sorna and come back with irrefutable evidence that the dinosaurs are flourishing in their natural habitat. He tells Ian that Sara Harding, Ian’s girlfriend, is already there on the island. Much to his fear, Malcolm accepts the mission in order to get Sara out of harm’s way. He is joined by Nick Van Owen, Eddie Carr, and, unbeknownst to Ian, his daughter Kelly who stows away in one of their vehicles. They leave for the island 3 hours later. They arrive just in time to find Sara observing Stegasauruses in their natural habitat, but soon discover they are not alone on the island. Ludlow and InGen are also there, trying to renovate the island and have it ready and open to the public by the end of the year. A stampede and T-Rex attack leaves both groups greatly shaken.

jurassic park 9

May 24, 1997

The survivors make their way to the workers village, but only after running from the T-Rex, velicoraptors and various other killers. Many are killed along the way, but they manage to reach the village and call for help. Ludlow manages to lure a T-Rex onto their ship by using its baby as the bait. The survivors (and T-Rex) head for San Diego.

jurassic park 10

May 25, 1997

The T-Rex escapes captivity aboard the ship and wreaks havoc among the citizens of San Diego, killing many along the way. Ludlow is eaten by the baby T-Rex, while Malcolm, Sara, Kelly, and the military are able to lure the T-Rex back into the boat, where it will be sent back to the island.

jurassic park 12

Between 1997 and 2001

John Hammond dies. Now that public eye has turned to the islands, a blockade and travel restrictions are placed over the islands. No one can ever return.

End of May, 2001

Ben Hildebrand and Eric Kirby take a risky parasailing trip along the coast of Isla Sorna. Their trip doesn’t go according to plan, and after their rope is severed, they are sent heading straight for the island.

jurassic park 14

Mid-July, 2001

Dr. Alan Grant, while speaking at a book signing event, is approached by Paul and Amanda Kirby, who claim to be rich rich millionaires looking for a tour guide on their upcoming flyover trip to the islands of Jurassic Park. Dr. Grant, having gone through such a terrible ordeal the first time he visited, refuses strongly, but again, is persuaded after Paul offers to write him a huge check.

jurassic park 15

July 18, 2001

The Kirbys, Dr. Grant, his assistant Billy, and a crew of specialists head for the island. Much to Dr. Grant’s surprise they land on the island, and begin searching for their lost son, Eric. Not shortly after, they are attacked by the malicious Spinosaurus, and Dr. Grant is back to where it all began…except now he’s on a different island with different species of dinosaurs chasing after him. During a huge fight between the Spinosaurus and T-Rex, Grant is separated from the group but saved by Eric, who has been surviving on the island in an abandoned tanker. Billy finds a nest of raptor eggs and steals a few. Grant and Eric soon reunite with the Kirbys and Billy, and head toward the pteradon aviary. Unfortunately, they are attacked and Billy plunges into the river in an effort to save Eric. The rest of the group takes a river boat to attempt to reach the coast. After several hours, they manage to track down their lost satellite phone, and Dr. Grant manages to make one phone call to Ellie, shouting “The river!” Then the Spinosaurus returns and they barely manage to escape.

jurassic park 16

July 19, 2001

As the group approaches the coast, suddenly a pack of velociraptors circles the group. They want their eggs back. Dr. Grant gives back the eggs, then uses a 3D-printed velociraptor vocal chamber in an attempt to communicate with the group. They run away, leaving the Kirbys and Grant safe to run to the shore. There, they find an enormous detachment of the United States Marine Corps, sent by Ellie, there to rescue them. Dr. Grant also finds Billy is alive, but severely beaten. As they head home, Pteradons fly away from the island, looking for new nesting grounds.

2001 to 2015


That will get you caught up with the rest of us…and there’s a lot of blank space from 2001-2015. From what we’ve seen from the trailers for Jurassic World, it seems that InGen at some point picked up where they left off, and followed through on their original mission of creating an amusement park centered around the dinosaurs. However, we’re pretty sure there will be some juicy details to be discovered when the film finally comes out. In the meantime, continue to study up and get ready for epic new stories, epic new dinos, and more importantly, another chapter in perhaps one of the greatest franchises of our generation.

jurassic park 17

What are you predictions for Jurassic World? Let us know in the comments!

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