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Still Scrambling for Easy Cosplay Ideas? Here, Let Us Help!

Still Scrambling for Easy Cosplay Ideas? Here, Let Us Help!

In case you’re still trying to come up with cosplay ideas for this year’s Comic Con, fear not, young comics lovers! We have some strategies that will help you come up with your costume ideas and get them finished with time to spare. Sure, we all know a few people who have been working on theirs for months — and good on them! — but if you’re like most of us, you probably struggle with procrastination and lack of time. These easy examples are a great way for you to lock down an idea and have it ready by the time the doors open.

clark kent cosplay

Image Credit: Clark Kent

The “Alter Ego”

Sure, there’s the standard option of getting a superhero costume from your local Halloween store and strolling around the convention center in that, but even a decent superhero costume doesn’t usually run very cheap. Instead, go for the “alter ego” approach. Want to go as Superman but don’t want to drop $80 on a spandex suit you’ll probably only wear once? Grab a pair of glasses, some regular business attire, and (if you’re interested) a cheap Superman T-Shirt. You can be a convincing Clark Kent in no time: just unbutton your shirt to reveal that recognizable “S” so folks get the picture. Alternatively, you could  grab an old camera, some glasses, a button-up shirt, and a Spider-Man tee for an instant Peter Parker. Or, if you’re REALLY lazy, just find a cheap pair of purple shorts at your local thrift store, use some scissors to hack up the bottoms of them, and you’ve got yourself the simplest Bruce Banner post-Hulk transformation costume ever.

 zombie makeup

Image Credit: Zombie Makeup

The “Make-Up Monster”

Usually the easiest thing to do is grab a makeup brush and some fake blood and give that face of yours a good smearing. Obviously there is some skill needed if you really want to have a convincingly scary monster makeup — the best vampire and zombie makeups take plenty of time and effort. However, if clothing and costumes aren’t your thing, makeup is an easy and generally affordable option for you. You could really lean into a bad make-up look or something more campy and silly. Look for some DIY instructional makeup videos if you need a little help.

misty pokemon cosplay

Image Credit: Misty

The “Realistic Cartoon”

Pick your favorite cartoon character (preferably human, but that’s just our suggestion). Now, take a look at what they’re wearing. Odds are, even if they have a rather oddly colored ensemble, you’ll be able to track down something similar at your local thrift store or discount shop. Sometimes, you can even find great deals at your local department store, too. Take Misty from Pokémon, for example. Jean shorts, yellow tank top, red suspenders — and that’s it. Easy-peasy, right? You might have a challenge when it comes to the hair, but hey, at least the costume is done, right? And if anything there are always wigs. Other options to consider: The Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo Gang, Daria, Doug, and Recess. All iconic, nostalgic, and doable.

morph suit

Image Credit: Morph Suits

The “Morph” Suit

If you really want to be a superhero but can’t find a great costume in your local store, check out Morphsuits. A rare find at Comic-Cons a few years ago, now practically everybody is wearing them. They’re a simple approach, but you’ll most likely be able to find that special character you’re looking for — or if you don’t you can draw and add things to them to make it your own/whatever you want. Just be prepared to see a few hundred other brothers in spandex out there with you walking the floor.




Image Credit: Dorkly

The “I Don’t Know That Character”

Hey, as much as we all love comics and pop culture, there’s NO WAY any of us can recognize every single cosplay out there. We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to what we know and love, so more often than not a cosplay comes along that completely goes over our heads. (For this writer, for example, most of the anime cosplays are unrecognizable.) So we thought, hey: why not use that to your advantage when you map out your cosplay. And by that we mean: just dress up however you want! You don’t even have to have a character in mind when you plan it: just find some cool clothes, or makeup tutorial, and do your own thing! People won’t recognize you, but they will still appreciate the effort! After all, Comic-Con and cosplaying in general is all about having fun and being creative and celebrating that in all of its weird, wacky, and wonderful forms.

Those are just a few short examples on how to get your cosplays rolling in case you’ve waited too long to get started. No matter what, your costume is yours, and you should take pride in it. Everyone will appreciate it and the effort you put in to making Comic-Con fun and enjoyable. Have any other easy costume suggestions or pics? Tell us in the comments! Keep working on those costumes, cosplayers, and have a great time at Comic-Con everyone!

Main Credit: Powerpuff Girls

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