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Starter Pack: Ms. Marvel

Starter Pack: Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, or however you choose to address this awesome woman of power, you should make sure you know all about her before we see her on the big screen in July 2018 as part of Marvel’s Phase 3. We’ll gladly give you the run-down on Ms. Marvel and what comics you should be reading to learn more about her. So sit right back and read along as we take you through a brief history of Ms. Marvel, or Captain Marvel, and the essential reading materials you should add to your list.

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Now, there have been many Ms. Marvels throughout Marvel’s extensive history, but the most famous and perhaps most well-known is Carol Danvers. But the thing you really need to remember is that Captain Marvel is a title that has been shared by many male and female characters. Most of these characters gain their powers through Kree alien technology, although there are a few exceptions.

Carol Danvers was the first woman to use the name Ms. Marvel. She was an established Air Force and NASA member, before the incident that changed her future forever. She gained her powers when she was caught in an explosion alongside the original Captain Marvel, who’s name (get this) was Mar-Vell. The accident left her with super-human strength, the ability to project and absorb energy, and the power of flight. Using her new powers, she quickly gained popularity as Ms. Marvel before later taking on the Captain Marvel mantle as her own. Since Carol’s run as Ms./Captain Marvel, Sharon Ventura, Karla Sofen, and Kamala Khan have all taken on the responsibilities of Ms. Marvel at some point or another. Khan is especially worth noting, and a growing fan favorite, not only because of her character traits and dialogue, but also because she was Marvel’s first Muslim lead character in a comic book.

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If you’re wondering what comics you should start with, we’ve put together a list of the best options out there to buy, although there are undeniably many more beyond this list. These are just meant to be a good introduction to the character and the awesome stories that she takes part in.

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1.) Essential Ms. Marvel Volume 1

Start where it all began, with this reprinted collection of Carol Danvers’ first missions on the pages of Marvel Comics. Notably, this book is an early attempt at creating a feminist character, and it actually succeeds at doing so. You’ll find yourself loving Carol’s voice and the way in which she goes about her business. We think that this is the best way to get to know Carol in a more introductory setting. You’ll get into the more modern, developed stories as time progresses.

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2.) Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: Best of the Best

What do you get when you have a skillfully trained artist in the form of Frank Cho, and writer, Brian Reed, arguably one of the greatest writers when it comes to female stories and dialogue? Well, you get this awesome collection of Ms. Marvel issues that will leave you wanting even more exciting adventures.

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3.) Captain Marvel Vol. 1: In Pursuit of Flight

Get a full taste of Captain Marvel at her best game, in this exciting, badass adventure. No really, this is arguably the best collection of Captain Marvel stories to date, and it brings a modern take on the character that might be quite relevant to the upcoming film. If you’re looking for source material in regards to Marvel’s Phase 3, this is a good place to look.

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4.) Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal

Now that you’re fully introduced to Carol Danvers, give Kamala Khan a chance to wow you. She’s one of Marvel’s new “it” girls, and certainly carries the modern Ms. Marvel title responsibly. Complete with her own problems and background, you’ll get a chance to see just how the Ms. Marvel mantle is handled from different perspectives. It’s definitely worth a read.

Why start now? Well, it’s as good a time as any. Seeing as the Captain Marvel craze hasn’t really quite started, you’ll probably want to get on board now rather than when the movie comes out and has everybody hopping on the band wagon. She’s a great character, and truly one of the strongest, badass female characters that Marvel has in their library. Here’s hoping the awesome stories will keep on coming!

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