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Star Trek’s Unlikeliest Comic Crossovers
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Star Trek’s Unlikeliest Comic Crossovers

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One of the best parts of a connected universe is how different characters from different shows can connect and play off each other. Worf is the most obvious example of this, serving on both the Enterprise and Deep Space Nine, but it was always fun to see characters mix and match from different series even just for one episode. A sci-fi franchise like Star Trek has all sorts of means at their disposal to allow characters from different time periods and alternate universes. Huge crossovers between franchises owned by different studios were often only available in the wild and woolly frontier of fanfiction. But if there’s one thing Star Trek is known for, it is the ability to drop characters into other universes and timelines with a startling regularity, creating pairings with superheroes, sentient apes and more.


Marvel Comics partnered with Paramount a few times to produce comics together, but in 1996 they did the unthinkable; they threw together Paramount’s most popular franchise with Marvel’s merriest mutants. The X-Men and the Enterprise teamed up when a pair of godlike beings–Marvel’s Proteus and Star Trek’s Gary Mitchell—decided to destroy each other’s universes Strangers On A Train-style. The original comic was insane, but also popular enough to spawn a sequel comic and novel where the X-Men traveled forward in time to fight alongside the Next Generation crew. The highlight of that comic? Several jokes about the similarities of Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Xavier’s appearances, long before Patrick Stewart played both characters on-screen.

Doctor Who


It makes sense that these two series would meet in comic books. Both shows started in the 60s, both accumulated heavy fanbases that keep the shows alive when they were off the air, both use science indistinguishable from magic to solve problems all over time and space. This 2012 storyline also united two very similar threats against these heroes; the Borg from the Star Trek universe and the Cybermen from Doctor Who. The key to defeating this threat was a part of Federation history often left unexplored in the Battle of Wolf 359.

Green Lantern


DC Comics also got into the Star Trek comic game and also decided to mix up one of its spacefaring heroes with the heroes of the Enterprise. This 2015 series teams up the Green Lantern Corps with the Kirk and crew from the revitalized Kelvin timeline of the most recent Star Trek films. The plot revolves around various Lantern rings choosing members of the Enterprise while facing off against some classic villains from Trek lore. A sequel comic series came out the next year.

Planet of the Apes


This crossover fits surprisingly well, given how much of the original Planet of the Apes could be a lost episode of the Original Series. The movie is a morality play that uses science fiction to reflect some thoughts on the human condition onto the view. It also dabbles in time travel and features a tough guy lead who can be surprisingly tender when he wants. IDW and Boom! Comics had to get special permission from Charlton Heston’s estate to use his likeness in the portrayal of astronaut Taylor. The extra attention was worth it for the title of the storyline alone; The Primate Directive.

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Feature Credit: Marvel Comics, Paramount

Image Credits: DC Comics, IDW Comics, BBC, Paramount

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