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Spice up Your Tabletop Day with These Promotional Items Just for ITTD!

Spice up Your Tabletop Day with These Promotional Items Just for ITTD!

International Tabletop Day (ITTD) is a merely weeks away and Geek & Sundry has just released special promotional items for your use during this auspicious day. This year, instead of using a ‘retail box’ style, Geek & Sundry is working with several distributors to carry the exclusive products in an a la carte fashion. Your local gaming store can choose one or all of the items available, and below is a list of some of the games you can experience during International Tabletop Day.

Most of these promotional items require the original set of cards. Check the Tabletop Day website to see if your local games store is registered. If they’re not, reach out to them to get them on the site and have them ask their local distributor about what’s available. Quantities are limited so act quickly.

Games and items include:Fireside Games

International Tabletop Day 2017 Castle Panic Tower (Fireside Games): In this third installment of the Castle Panic series, when the tower is destroyed, all players draw up to a full hand before trading a card of their choice.


Biotix Microbes Mini-Expansion (Smirk & Dagger): Use this mini-expansion to further press your luck by growing the largest cultures while simultaneously sabotaging your lab-mates. This expansion also adds “incubator” cards and adds a new set of rules and mechanics to the game.


Game -Most Popular Game in all Mother Russia: Not Really (Hunter Books): Throw a wrench into your long-time games: This simplistic expansion is used to create new house rules for other tabletop games in your library.

Class Tokens

Class Tokens (Broken Egg Games): Players declare their allegiance to classes such as Ranger, Wizard or Bard with this set of acrylic tokens used in commemoration of ITTD.


Fuska, Master of Orion Advisor Promo Card (Cryptozoic): Make a major change in your game with just one card. Now you can recruit the Klackon advisor to the Queen and impose a level of calm over the entire society.


Aeon’s End: ITTD 2017 Promo Cards (Indie Boards and Cards): This limited edition set of promo cards add to your deck for Aeons End. This set includes one new minion, Glyph Enigma, and five copies of the spell Down the Flames, along with the randomizer for the spell.


Fuse 10 Card Promo Pack (Renegade): You’ll be challenged with this 10-pack of promo cards introducing a new combination of colors and numbers to the game. Defuse the bomb card and get one step closer to saving the ship!


Clank! 10 Card Promo Pack (Renegade): The Snack Table promo card adds a boon to your Clank! game play. Use the card to feed the whole table with either gold or health.


Lucha Jefe- ITTD Exclusive Microgame (Grey Fox Games): As luchador managers, you’ll go head-to-head to recruit the best fighters and maintain the best record.

On top of the games you can play on April 29, we want to hear how gaming has affected your life! Join the conversation on social media or comment below with your story: “How did board games change your life?”

Don’t forget to join us for the Geek & Sundry ITTD live-stream on Twitch and visit your local game shop for an exciting day of gaming and fun! Go here to find your local shop and what games they’ll be hosting for the day.

Featured Image: Geek & Sundry/ITTD

Images credit: PHD Games

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