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Spellslingers Decklists: Joey’s Blue/Red Izzet & Day[9]’s 5 Color Gates (From Season 5, Episode 1)

Spellslingers Decklists: Joey’s Blue/Red Izzet & Day[9]’s 5 Color Gates (From Season 5, Episode 1)

Interested in Magic: The Gathering? Be sure to tune in every Wednesday here on Geek & Sundry for new episodes of Spellslingers, where host Day[9] plays epic battles of Magic: The Gathering against fantastic guests!

Coming right out of the guild gates for episode 1 of the new season we see Joey and Day[9] battle it out with the two decks with the biggest differences. Joey gets the iconic Blue-Red Izzet guild to bring electro-maniacal genius to the table and Day[9] has the joy of playing with what people often refer to as 5-Color Good Stuff. (If you haven’t seen the episode, watch it here!)

Joey Graceffa – Blue/Red Izzet

The Izzet have always been masters of pushing what can and cannot be. In the latest Ravnica set, the signature mechanic for the Izzet is Jump-start. This mechanic lets you cast the spell from your graveyard in the same fashion you’d normally be able to play it for the same cost and then exile the card. That said, every creature in this particular deck interacts with instants and sorceries in some way. That may be by making that creature bigger, doing direct damage to your opponent, or simply letting you copy the spell you’ve cast for an additional cost. Not every instant or sorcery in this deck has Jump-start, but they do let you take advantage of the mechanic.


This deck looks like tons of fun with what it has going on. It has a decent amount of interesting, direct damage options like Beacon Bolt as well as decent ways to get rid of threats. Cards like Unexplained Disappearance let you remove a pesky creature from the combat equation and determine if you want to dump a card from the top of your library into the graveyard which could have jump-start for even more immediate use if it’s an instant. Niv-Mizzet, Parun is most definitely the centerpiece seeing as they lead the Izzet Guild. It is a difficult card to play, however, as it costs 6 mana total in the combination of 3 Blue and 3 Red Mana.


This deck definitely wasn’t broccoli like Joey may have hoped. Any creature you bring into play is going to do something with your instants and sorceries and that will help give every card an additional sense of value. Beyond Niv-Mizzet, most of the cards in the deck cost 2-4 mana at best, which means you can do a lot in the later game by leaving your mana open and letting your opponent guess what you’re up to.

Sean “Day[9]” Plott – 5 Color Gates

Day[9]’s deck this time around plays around the idea of getting gate cards, which are special two-color lands specific to the guild they represent, into play. The added benefit of this playstyle is that the deck inadvertently ramps as it accomplishes its purpose by playing District Guide and Elvish Rejuvenator as creatures.


The deck also enjoys getting card advantage through the enchantment Guild Summit that has both early and late game potential. Early, you won’t necessarily be able to use it enters the battlefield effect to draw cards, but as you put more gates into play you’ll still get to draw a card here and there to help get you that sweet, sweet card advantage. I know Day[9] hates blue, but it does revolve around the three best words in Magic: draw a card. He was really excited about that and you should be, too! Drawing cards will almost always in your best interest.


This deck has a strong base in green. The other cards are either colorless and gain bonuses based on gates you have in play or the different colors of mana you spend to play them. With all of the gate synergy, you’ll be sure to cut off any possibility of escape for your opponents. You’ll be rolling in cards and threats if you keep drawing those cards and playing those gates.

What’s your favorite color of deck to play? Tell us in the comments! And keep your eyes peeled for new episodes of Spellslingers every Wednesday, here on Geek & Sundry!

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Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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