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Spellslingers Decklists: Annet Mahendru’s Naya’s & Day[9]’s Grixis (From Season 5, Episode 3)

Spellslingers Decklists: Annet Mahendru’s Naya’s & Day[9]’s Grixis (From Season 5, Episode 3)

Interested in Magic: The Gathering? Be sure to tune in every Wednesday here on Geek & Sundry for new episodes of Spellslingers, where host Day[9] plays epic battles of Magic: The Gathering against fantastic guests!

Episode 3 has us watching Annet Mehndru versus Day[9] vying to see which Alaran shard color combination is superior. These three color decks can often be difficult to manage (be it for mana reasons or multi-color card costs). The current set, however, has just enough mana fixing to help these decks function so it can go far smoother than expected. If you haven’t seen the spells fly for yourself, watch it now:

Annet Mehndru – Naya (White/Green/Red)

I love the Shards of Alara color combinations something fierce so to see them go head to head here was really enjoyable for me. Naya combines all the fun of making big creatures, having direct damage, and specific ways to deal with problems. This deck focuses on getting lots of creatures out, getting some extra mana before your opponent does by ramping, and finally just beating your opponent to death or getting through and pumping a creature up to massive heights. When I first saw Bounty of Might I got really excited. It costs 6, but a spell that can pump up to 3 creatures in some combination by giving them +3/+3 is pretty strong.


You also get access to a lot of mentor creatures in this deck which is the Red/White mechanic for the Boros guild. This is a great way to get those smaller creatures real beefy before they start slapping your opponent into the ground. It’s hard to go wrong with this color combination, but if you get enough creatures out your opponent will eventually have to deal with the fact that they just can’t block them all as they get ground into dust.


Sean “Day[9]” Plott – Grixis (Blue/Black/Red)

This color combination with this deck is one of my favorite playstyles. This Grixis deck focuses on milling your opponent which means making them put cards from the top of their deck into their discard pile. If your opponent goes to draw a card and cannot do so because their deck is empty then they lose.Grixis

This deck, in particular, wants to use 3 main cards to accomplish this goal. Drowned Secrets lets you target an opponent to mill 2 cards every time you cast a blue spell which are the majority of the cards in the deck. After that, Psychic Corrosion does a similar effect except that it triggers whenever you draw a card. Finally, Patient Rebuilding has your opponent mill 3 cards during your upkeep phase. Every land they put into the graveyard this way lets you draw a card. If you have Psychic Corrosion out then it triggers that too. It’s all a bunch of fun synergy.



The main way for this deck to win is through mill, however, it only has 7 creatures. Murmuring Mystic creates 1/1 birds every time you cast an instant or sorcery which the deck is full of. It can be another win condition but is not the common way for the deck to push forward. This has been one of my favorite decks to watch being played.

What’s your favorite color of deck to play? Tell us in the comments! And keep your eyes peeled for new episodes of Spellslingers every Wednesday, here on Geek & Sundry!

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Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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