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Sparked Becomes the Next Geek & Sundry Inkshares Winner

Sparked Becomes the Next Geek & Sundry Inkshares Winner

Fantasy covers a wide swath of stories from magical wars to Victorian horror, and you proved it to us with over 400 submissions hitting every note. You poured your soul into each line and made your voices heard through pre-orders. While we loved every drop of inspiration coming from your pens, only three could make the final cut. First, let’s look at the two runners up who will be published by Inkshares.

Storm Song by Allison Griner


Thoster Chatwyn knows every story there is to tell in all of Elysia. But what if the greatest story he could ever tell was that of his own past and the promise of his future?

The Slave Prince by Jeyna Grace


Born a slave, bred a prince. The Slave Prince follows the tale of Thom, a mischievous teenage prince who discovers his lineage in the slave race. When the calling to be the chosen one arises, he relies on the power of a magical dagger to save his people.


In the end, only one book could walk away from this fantasy free-for-all with the Geek & Sundry emblem emblazoned upon its coat. You agreed that this was the best of an awe-inspiring collection of talent and creativity. Where many stories took you to new lands, this one took you back to high school with a missing sister and some of the meanest super powered teens around. Sparked stood out from the rest by bringing fantasy home to many readers.

Sparked by Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous

A girl wakes up to find her older sister missing from the tiny bedroom of their Airstream trailer. A nightmare convinces her that her sister was abducted, but no one takes her dream seriously, including their hippie mom. Meanwhile, other girls in their small town begin sparking powers—the same mean girls who’ve bullied her since grade school. What if she has to work with them to save her sister—not to mention the rest of the world?

Congratulations to both Helena Echlin & Malena Watrous for creating the next epic story. Make sure you look for the book hitting store shelves sometime in the near future. And while you are waiting, make sure to keep an eye on the Geek & Sundry or Nerdist websites for more Inkshares contests coming down the pipeline. Who knows? The next great author may be you.

Do you have a great fantasy novel stuck in your head or maybe just found one on Inkshares that didn’t make it to the final cut? Let us know in the comment section below about it.


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