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Sort Yourself Out with The New Ilvermorny Pottermore Sorting Quiz

Sort Yourself Out with The New Ilvermorny Pottermore Sorting Quiz

American witches and wizards rejoice, for Pottermore has gifted us with exciting insight into our very own school of wizardry, Ilvermorny.

The site acting as J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world lexicon started the day off with a beautiful, animated video portraying scenes from Ilvermorny’s history (highlighting music we already know and love), and introducing us to the school for the very first time.

Ilvermorny’s story begins in 1603 Ireland, when a talented young witch, descendant of Salazar Slytherin himself, is kidnapped, and escapes to America on, you guessed it, the Mayflower. There, she comes across a handful of strange magical creatures, and eventually founds the Ilvermorny school.

The school, based off of Hogwarts, is built upon four houses, each named after four magical creatures. Students can be sorted into the house of the Horned Serpents, Pukwudgies, Thunderbirds, or into house Wampus, and you don’t have to be enrolled to join in on the fun.

Fans have wondered and questioned since the leak of the house names when they could possibly expect a quiz for the Ilvermorny houses, and Pottermore has finally provided.

question 1

Questions in the quiz focus on traits that each of the four houses appreciates and looks for in a student:

  • House of the Horned Serpent: represents the mind
  • House of the Pukwudgie: represents the heart
  • House of the Thunderbird: represents the soul
  • House of the Wampus: represents the body

Fans are already wondering which house aligns with those of Hogwarts, and what other traits can be found in the witches and wizards sorted into each house. If Pottermore continues to oblige as they have, maybe we’ll see more information in the days to come. Until then, theories are taking over, and we have a few ourselves.

Serpents and Eagles

There will always be discord when it comes to Potter theories, but when mentioning the power of the mind, many fans’ first thought was to align the Horned Serpent house with Ravenclaws.

Pukwudgies and Lions

Gryffindors are known for their brave and true hearts, could this not be where a Gryffindor would be sorted if they were to attend Ilvermorny?

Thunderbirds and Badgers

According to the results of those chosen as Thunderbirds, their house represents the soul of a being, and there are many Hufflepuffs throughout the Potter series who acted upon their strong beliefs, what their soul and conscious asked of them.

Wampus and Serpents

The Wampus house correlates with the body, the physical. Slytherins popularity comes not only from the evil wizards who came out of the house, but for the students’ keen focus on bettering themselves and pushing themselves forward into strength and prosperity.

There are so many options when it comes to these school houses, but we won’t know for sure unless Rowling herself approves or denies the predictions.

Have you taken the new sorting quiz? Do you think the representation of the house aligns with where you were placed in Hogwarts? Let’s talk in the comments below, or tweet me, Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie here, @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: Pottermore

Image Credits: Pottermore

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