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Some of Our Favorite Characters Can Finally Get Married!

Some of Our Favorite Characters Can Finally Get Married!

Today, the Supreme Court (finally) legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. This means that “gay marriage” is just plain “marriage” now, and in celebration of the myriad of same-sex couples in the US now able to tie the knot, we put together a list of some of fiction’s most inspiring homosexuals who can now get married!

Dumbledore – Harry Potter


Who else would start off the list?! When J.K. Rowling made the declaration that she always considered Dumbledore to be gay, the world went nuts. Suddenly, one of the most beloved characters in one of the most important works of literature – one that would inspire and teach millions of children to read – became a role model whose embodiment of kindness, bravery, and love now carried with it acceptance. Rowling shared that Dumbledore’s tragic love was Gellert Grindelwald: the pre-Voldemort.

Willow Rosenberg – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow - The WB

It took a little while for Buffy’s best friend to figure it all out, but that made her journey all the more relatable. Seeing her suffer fear, joy, love, and heartbreak had us rooting for Willow all the way through to the end. Do you think her and Kennedy will get hitched?

Dorian Pavus – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dorian -

Dorian was one of the first gay video game characters to not only be a main, playable character, but also have his own quest chain and story arc – an emotional narrative revolving around his father responded to Dorian’s sexuality and how that impacted their relationship. Heavy stuff, but it’s great to think that a guy as misunderstood and complicated as Dorian can jump the broom.

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus – Sailor Moon

Sailors Neptune and Uranus -

These two have always been an item, but it wasn’t immediately apparent. In the original, it was much more clear that it was in the American translation: they were changed to “cousins” in order to avoid potential controversy over having “lesbian characters.” Glad to know that we’ve come to our senses and can celebrate this couple the way they were intended to be.

Renly Baratheon – Game of Thrones

Renly - HBO

He was, at one time, the heir to the Iron Throne after King Robert… had a run-in with a pig. He was in a secret (or as secret as a secret can be in Westeros) relationship with Loras Tyrell until he… had a run-in with a smoke person? I hope it’s some small consolation to know that they two of them probably would have had an incredibly gigantic wedding. Can you imagine two kings in the Red Keep?

Korra – The Legend of Korra


As the current incarnation of the Avatar and savior of the world, you would think most people wouldn’t be too concerned with her love life. When it was made clear that Korra identified as bisexual, it was applauded. Her relationship with Asami Sato was considered to be one of the most beautiful relationships ever animated.

Ellie – The Last of Us


Ellie is an incredible character in an incredible game. She’s tough, vulnerable, and resourceful. She’s as real as you can get in a video game, but it wasn’t until NaughtyDog released their DLC — Left Behind — that we got to see Ellie love who she loved. It’s a beautiful moment that rivals even those giraffes.

Cosima Niehaus – Orphan Black

Cosima - BBC America

Cosima is the brains behind cracking the huge mystery at the core of Orphan Black. Her storyline has had some of the most profound moments regarding sexual identity, nature vs. nurture, and finding her place in the world. The fact that she is gay is just part of her character. There’s no novelty or spectacle to it because it’s just who she is. According to Cosima, “My sexuality’s not the most interesting thing about me.”

Bobby Drake aka “Iceman” – X-Men

Iceman - Marvel

Marvel made a bold choice in making a high-profile fan favorite gay when they introduced the All-New X-Men. It was also brilliant how they “outed” him: Jean Grey called him out for calling women “hot” and learned through her psychic-ness that Bobby sees himself as gay. It was hilariously uncomfortable, but ultimately touching. It set up tons of possibilities for Bobby’s character, any of which would be refreshing given the honest and casual (and X-Men-y) way they broached the topic.

Steve Jinx – Warehouse 13

Jinks - Syfy

When Warehouse 13 brought in some new blood, most viewers assumed it was going to be another run-of-the-mill good guy. Instead, we got an intuitive, complex, and noble character dealing with more than his share of pain. As the closeness between him and Claudia develops, you can see the conflict between wanting to trust and not wanting to be hurt. Through the series, he opens up and becomes one of the best things about the show.

Charlie Bradbury – Supernatural

Charlie - Supernatural

Charlie was a breath of fresh air for many long-time viewers of Supernatural. Seeing a woman who was also a geek and a computer nerd and a hero and a gay was enough to build a very devoted fan base very quickly. As with most of the characters on this list, her sexuality isn’t a plot point, it’s just a part of who she is. Considering recent events, it might be difficult for Charlie to enjoy her new found rights, but it is a show called Supernatural, so who knows, right?

Photos, screengrabs, and .gifs via Marvel; Mary GrandPré/; The WB; BioWare/; Viz Media; HBO;; NaughtyDog; BBC America

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