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So What’s Next for Jessica Jones?

So What’s Next for Jessica Jones?

Not watched season 1 of Jessica Jones? Well, go watch it and come back and read this article because there are absolutely spoilers ahead. 

They had us worried, and writers, show runners, and actors were a bit coy about the return of Netflix’s mega-hit series, Jessica Jones, but the show has officially been renewed for a second season. Of course, we don’t have a premiere date just yet, and there’s questions of logistics with the second season airing in conjunction with Defenders. Regardless, the fact remains that we will definitely get more of Jessica Jones and Alias Investigations.


That’s awesome and crazy exciting, but the question that is lurking over season two is what could possibly be next for Jessica? After all, Kilgrave was a pretty gnarly villain. He wasn’t just a formidable foe, though his gifts did make him a tough one to fight. What made Kilgrave a truly unforgettable villain was how terribly creepy and frightening he was. Not only did he suffer from the classic villain “I’m not evil, I’m just misunderstood” complex, but he was disturbingly charming in the midst of stealing someone’s personal agency. Maybe it was the fact that David Tennant was employing what Whovians were calling his “Ten accent” (which is really just an English accent), or maybe it’s because Tennant just has one of those faces you want to trust which makes it really tough to accept that he’s forcing people to do something awful like put a bullet in their brain or cut their own ears off. Still, I am completely confident that when Jessica Jones season 2 hits Netflix, the story will suck us in just as quickly as the Kilgrave storyline. So what are some possibilities that we could see next?

Post-Kilgrave Jessica

Like Jessica said in season one, Kilgrave and dealing with the trauma of her time with Kilgrave will likely be something she has to fight and process for the rest of her life. However, it’s got to feel pretty empowering for Jessica to have not only found that she could finally overcome Kilgrave’s powers, but she overcame them enough to kill him and save her best friend. While I certainly don’t expect for Jessica to stop drinking and swearing and to start wearing more sparkly pastels, I think there could be some really cool and exciting character development for Jessica after defeating Kilgrave. Who knows, maybe she’ll largely be the same, but I think there is a potential for Jessica’s character to really evolve in season 2.

Investigating IGH

Understandably, Jessica didn’t have a lot of time to help Trish investigate IGH and the drug Simpson took to hulk out (metaphorically, of course–no green guys in this show). We don’t know anything behind IGH, and we don’t even know what IGH stands for. However, after learning about the connection Simpson’s Dr. Koslov had with IGH as well as learning that her powers may be thanks to IGH as well, it is pretty logical that Jessica will be hunting after them next. What will be very interesting to learn, should IGH be the next focus of Jessica’s investigatory skills, would be if Kilgrave and Jessica both have IGH to thank for their abilities. Personally, I hope not, but it could be an interesting theory if it gets addressed.

Crossover Story From Daredevil or Luke Cage

Since we’ve already seen Daredevil‘s Rosario Dawson on the show, and obviously Luke Cage had a huge role on the first season of Jessica Jones, it’s clear that those universes are very much intertwined (unlike Agents of SHIELD and the MCU). Since Jessica doesn’t have many villains that she fights with exclusively in her comics, it’s possible that Jessica’s next season could borrow a villain from one of the other Netflix/Marvel properties. So we could possibly see a villain that was more prevalent in Daredevil or with Luke Cage. Especially since they plan to smush the three worlds together in The Defenders, it would make sense that a baddie for Jessica would also present problems for both Luke and Matt. Speaking of The Defenders

Fallout from The Defenders

We don’t really know what to expect from The Defenders, but it’s very likely that we won’t get a second season of Jessica Jones until after The Defenders airs. So like we see Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage–and Hell’s Kitchen as a whole–dealing with the fallout from “the event” in New York (the first Avengers film), Jessica may have a new Big Bad to deal with thanks to the craziness coming from The Defenders. 

Ultimately, I’m just excited to see more Jessica Jones, and I cannot wait to hear an official season 2 premiere announcement. What do you think we’ll see in season 2? What are you most excited to see as Netflix expands their Marvel world with season 2 of Daredevil, introductions to characters like Elektra and The Punisher, and new properties like The Defenders and Luke Cage? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 


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