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Snakes on an Table Top RPG

I want these mother lovin’ snakes off my mother lovin’ plane. Or something like that.

Buckle your seat belts and return your trays to the upright position. On this episode of No Survivors, Ivan Van Norman, squeezes Hector, Josephine, Ify, and Jess into a giant metal tube and sends them flying with a menagerie of snakes. The Snakes on a Plane RPG comes from u/boozeman09 from the /R/RPG subreddit.

Stats run the gambit, from guts (how much punishment you can take) to cool (how likely you are stay calm once you’re faced with a python.) The journey starts out mid-flight with each character coming in with their own backstory of wants and needs. Maybe you just found out that your husband has been cheating on you on the way to your honeymoon. It could be that you have some unfinished business in business class. But really, you didn’t hop on this ride for the stale food and year old movies. You want snakes.

Roll snake eyes (a pair of ones) on the dice and you’ll get attacked. The GM, or SnakeMaster in this case, rolls to figure out how the snakes will attack you. Follow the chart to find out if you need to fight your way through or if you will need to outwit a snake through some well-played Sudoku. Everything takes a little off your stats. Hitting zero on anything means that you’ll be snake food.

Will our helpless team manage to make it out alive or is the show named “No Survivors” for a reason? Make sure you check out the game up top and join the next No Survivors every Monday from 7PM – 10PM PST on the Geek and Sundry Twitch Channel.

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