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Slaying These D&D Creatures Makes You The Monster! You Monster.

We need to have a talk. A serious talk.

Every day, adventurers brutally murder orcs under the assumption that they’re pillaging and plundering and just doing evil things in general. It’s a terrible bias that tears orc families apart every campaign. Rooster Teeth put together the public service announcement above that brings to light the plight orcs face when trying to go about their daily lives in peace. Orcs don’t deserve this kind of persecution. It’s 2016, people! Isn’t it time for tolerance and understanding for those who are different from us?

Just kidding! The video above is actually a promotion for Orcs Must Die! Unchained, a third-person, multiplayer strategy game from Robot Entertainment in which players attempt to break down their opponent’s fortress while defending their own. But the video got us thinking, what other adventuring creatures get a bad wrap who could use their own PSA?



Do you any idea what a lonely life a basilisk lives? No other species can engage them in affection, let alone conversation, lest they be turned to stone. Their only company is other basilisks, and if they aren’t hip enough to be one of the cool kids then they have no chance of ever living a happy life of companionship. It’s just tragic.

Gelatinous cubes


The gelatinous cube, for those of you who have not faced one yet, is a 10 foot cube of acidic ooze. It’s silent, transparent, and will eat away your flesh if you make contact with it. But really, gelatinous cubes are just dungeon janitors. They patrol the halls, going about their business by picking up and cleaning whatever it comes upon. It probably doesn’t make anything more than minimum wage. How could you hate an honest working janitor?

Skeleton Warriors


Oh no, it’s a skeleton. Dude, really? A skeleton is a person, you know. A former living being who is being controlled by a powerful necromancer. It’s not their fault that their bones are being used against their will. If you had a decent cell in your body, you would take out the necromancer instead of beating up some poor, abused skeleton.



They’re owls and they’re bears. What’s not to love? So what if they have razor sharp claws that can tear you to shreds, and their beaks can take our your eyes in a fraction of a second? They love to hug. Sure, hugging is how they grapple and kill their prey, but that doesn’t mean owlbears don’t like to hug for affection too. Maybe you should try opening your mind and your arms to the next one you come upon rather than just running it through with a sword, you heartless brute!



No. Wait. Beholders are xenophobic as hell and will murder anything they can’t control. Kill ’em all!

What adventuring monsters do you think get a bad wrap and deserve a PSA to help preserve the species? Let us know in the comments!

Image credits: Robot Entertainment, Rooster Teeth, Wizards of the Coast

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